Pelosi buying her way to power again

Two days ago in Laredo, Texas minority leader Nancy Pelosi was busy pandering for campaign cash. The crowd at the La Posada Hotel was treated to Pelosi’s Democrat spin about “Reigniting the American dream, building ladders of opportunity for the people who work hard, play by the rules, take responsibility.” Perhaps it would have been more symbolic had the speech been given at the Alamo since this may be former Speaker Pelosi’s last stand.

Pelosi’s party leadership is in deep trouble. If it wasn’t for her fundraising prowess this San Francisco Congresswoman would have been kicked to the curb after the mid-term election when Republicans captured control of the House. In the last 22 months, Pelosi has participated in over 650 fundraising events and raised nearly $72 million for House Democrats. That’s the kind of money that can buy a lot of loyalty in Democrat Congressional circles.

Pelosi even managed to squeeze some money out of Bain Capital the former employee of Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney. Among the list of Nancy’s top 20 campaign contributors you will find a $10 thousand contribution from the so called “vulture capitalist.” Funny how it’s acceptable for a Democrat Party leader to do business with the folks at alleged job outsourcing and union busting Bain. I don’t remember that popping up on MSNBC.

Two years of almost daily fundraising for the Democrats; it’s no wonder Congress couldn’t get anything done. In fairness the Republicans are no different, but I’m still amazed at Pelosi’s stunning commitment to bribing her way to Congressional leadership. The next person in line, Maryland Rep. Steny Hoyer, the Democrat Whip must be fuming considering he can’t raise a fraction of what the Pelosi dynasty is capable of and unless the Queen abdicates her throne he’ll be forced to be her whipping boy for a few more years. Talk about a dirty job.

Nancy Pelosi is arguably the most polarizing political figure in the U.S. Congress. Former Speaker Pelosi has never been known for reaching across the aisle in an attempt to compromise. To the contrary her take no prisoners approach to governing is the real reason for Washington gridlock. According to Pelosi if the Democrats don’t win back the house and the Republicans “are validated” with a victory in November it will lead to a “terrible situation”. In other words without Democrat control the nation will have four more years of a divided and unproductive government.

The Democrat Party has some sobering decisions to make about their party leadership and the future role of Democrat influence in our legislative process. Will Democrats anoint the same old divisive leaders who will spend 2 more years campaigning while America disintegrates? Or will the party of blame the other guy change course and support overdue reform?

My guess is as long as government is about campaign contributions we will see more of the same. After all we are just the little people and with a world full of Nancy Pelosi’s the money will continue to flow and America’s influence will wither.