Pelosi: Pay Cut Would Diminish The Dignity Of Her Job

Speaking in the context of the sequester cuts that would have a measly effect on Congressional pay, Nancy Pelosi said that even though a pay cut wouldn’t effect her as much as it would others, she is still opposed to the idea:

 “I don’t think we should do it; I think we should respect the work we do. I think it’s necessary for us to have the dignity of the job that we have rewarded.”

 Politicians talk an awful lot about shared sacrifice and “fair share.” But they don’t want to be the ones sharing any sacrifice or giving up their fair share.

Pelosi’s opposed to doing the same thing to herself that she is in favor of doing to every American citizen. She thinks a congressional pay cut would make her office less “dignified.” I suppose she would argue that a citizen pay cut in the form of higher taxes would accentuate the dignity of those jobs. She would talk about how wonderful our jobs were and how great it was that we were all willing to sacrifice our income for the betterment of society later.

All our taxes go to pay for things in government that we’re probably all opposed to, including writing Pelosi’s paychecks. We have no choice in the matter. We have to accept pay cuts in the form of higher taxes, and yes, those pay cuts greatly diminish the dignity of our position in society as law-abiding citizens, because we’re being used to fund a criminal government.

And she speaks of dignity. What dignity is left in Washington at all? The people that hold positions of power there are the ones that have stripped their own offices of dignity. They’ve become nothing but idea salesmen. Actually, the things they peddle I wouldn’t even call “ideas.” In reality, they campaign like this:  “Hey, here’s an idea. How about I rape you for the rest of your life, and you pay me.” And so Americans pay more and more and make do with less and less. But let’s not dare cut the politicians’ pay. That would be a disgrace to the office of senator or congressman or president or rapist. That would shame the very position of lawmaker or government official.

Pelosi is a disgrace to the office of legislator. She doesn’t care about the Constitution, the document that she swore to support and defend, and she only cares about carrying the water for the White House (when a Democrat is occupying it) and siding with the Democrat team. She doesn’t care to read the bill before she votes for it as long as Obama and her other Democrat friends are all in favor of it. What kind of legislator votes for a gargantuan bill like Obamacare without even knowing what’s in it? A legislator who doesn’t take her position seriously. A legislator who has stripped her own job of its dignity. She doesn’t deserve a pay cut. She needs to be fired.