Pelosi Pushes Universal Daycare

The women’s liberation movement was never about equality between the sexes. That was simply the marketing slogan needed to sell it to a whole generation of girls and women. Shrouded in sexual equality, women’s liberation turned out to be more about getting half the population (women) converted into working taxpayers. It also had the added benefit of transferring the parenting of children from the parents (particularly the mother) to the State.

It’s not any surprise now to find that kids grow up spending far more time under the direction of the State than under their own parents. Both parents are typically too busy trying to fulfill or maintain their “American dream” while the State babysits their kids from their earliest ages.

Universal preschool is something that Obama’s been pushing for a while now. And recently on NPR, Nancy Pelosi reiterated her support for it and unveiled her own agenda called “When Women Succeed, America Succeeds:  An Economic Agenda for Women and Families”:

“The child care issue probably has to be done in steps. But when children are learning, parents can be learning. And when the children are in preschool, that frees parents to earn without carrying the burden of the child care.”

On her website, she spells out her agenda more clearly, addressing problems like unequal pay for women and lack of universal child care:

“Today, child care is a necessity for most families with preschool children because households need two incomes to pay all the bills. But while most other industrialized countries have universal preschool for three and four-year olds, there is a drastic lack of quality preschool for American children in the U.S. What’s more, the lack of availability of affordable and high-quality child care in this country has reached crisis proportions.”

Her solution is of course to support Obama’s government-funded child care initiatives. You’ve got to start the government education young. Remember, as Melissa Harris-Perry said, our kids don’t actually belong to us. They belong to the “community.” It takes a village to raise a child.

And since the economy’s so bad right now that often both parents have to have jobs, who is left to take care of the kids? The government helped create this economic mess, and now it offers its “solution,” which doesn’t involve in any way fixing the economy, but only involves a government-funded nanny to take care of the kids.