Pelosi: Respect Women By Aborting 22-Week-Old Fetuses

After the House Judiciary Committee approved the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (PCUCPA), Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who pretends, for the sake of winning more votes, to be Catholic, called the vote “disrespectful of the rights, health, and safety of American women.” And that’s to say nothing of the rights, health, and safety of the unborn humans, most of which victims include women, ironically.

The PCUCPA would ban abortions past the 20-week mark and is intended to spare fetuses (“fetus” being Latin for “offspring”) the excruciating pain of the barbarism of being literally torn limb from limb. If banning this practice is disrespectful to women, then permitting it is respectful to women. Pelosi’s message comes across as, “Women are barbaric and demand child-sacrifice in order to feel respected.”

Here’s what I don’t get: who cares if it’s disrespectful to women? The category of “women” is half the size of the category of “life,” so it would seem to me that respect towards life is more virtuous than respect for women, if respect for women means a disrespect of the larger category of life. Regardless, saying something is disrespectful is not an actual argument against that thing. Every law causes someone to feel disrespected, but that does not mean the law is necessarily bad. It’s just that Pelosi knows no other method of argument except to appeal to our emotions and to our fears of being accused of sexism.

Here is something, and someone, that can legitimately be affixed with the label “disrespectful”–and of all life, not just of women: Dr. Leroy Carhart and his abortion business.

An undercover pregnant woman asked Carhart questions about a lethal-injection abortion procedure for her unborn baby. Carhart explained that the baby will “compress down and come through because it’s not alive,” acknowledging through implication that, before this is done, the baby is alive. He clarified further: “[I]t gets soft, like, mushy, so you push it through.”

The undercover mother asked what makes the baby mushy. Carhart explained, “The fact that it’s not alive for two or three days,” again acknowledging through implication that “it” is alive before then. “It’s like putting meat in a Crock-Pot,” he said. “It gets softer.”

He is then asked what he uses to break the baby up (it’s a travesty that that phrase, even just that notion, exists in America). “A pickaxe, a drill bit….I’d have better luck standing in front of a train and getting hit and surviving than–going 100 miles an hour–than the baby will.”

Even the abortionist acknowledges here that a fetus is a baby, and earlier he acknowledged that these babies are alive in the womb. So, in his own mind, he is killing a living human baby. Even worse is that he’s so nonchalant about it.

It’s hard to imagine anything more disrespectful than that. But this is the imagination of Nancy Pelosi we’re talking about.