Pelosi: Spending Cuts Will Lead To “Very Little” Government

At a press conference on Thursday, Nancy Pelosi was asked about Boehner’s statement on matching the debt limit rise with dollar for dollar spending cuts. He had said previously that when the government raises the debt limit yet again later this year in August, there needs to be matching spending cuts that accompany any rise in the debt limit. She said that was just “anti-government” rhetoric:

 “Yes, that’s what the Speaker says, and that is certainly in keeping with the anti-government ideologues that are in his caucus. If you keep cutting investments in the future that way in order to do something that should be pro forma here to pass the debt limit, this shouldn’t even be this kind of a debate…. If you keep saying ‘dollar for dollar,’ you will have very little in terms of the public space for public-private partnerships, for cops on the beat, see what’s going on on Wall Street, for clean air, clean water, food safety, public safety, public education, public transportation, public housing, public health, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security. It just keeps unraveling and unraveling, and that is their point. That’s what they believe, they do not believe in a public role. Bless their hearts, they act upon their beliefs.”

 If only that were the case that we would end up with a “very little” public sector. I hate to say it, but she doesn’t have anything to worry about as long as we have politicians like Boehner in power. The budget cuts, or rather the slowing down of government growth, is only happening for political reasons. If they were really having to make cuts, they wouldn’t be spending money on bizarre things like studying the shape of duck genitalia or having prison inmates teach wild horses to be “gentle.”

No, instead they choose things like shutting down 149 traffic control towers or releasing criminals. There are plenty of places the government can cut without being ridiculous.

And what’s with Pelosi’s final quip at the end there? “Bless their hearts, they act upon their beliefs.” Give me a break. As if she doesn’t act upon her beliefs?

She believes in wealth redistribution and confiscation through higher taxes, which she thinks are people’s “fair share.” She believes in big government. She believes in the welfare state. She believes that everybody needs to be dependent on the government for health care, education, food stamps, transportation and security. She believes that debt and deficits are good and necessary so that we can finance all the grandiose government programs.

And she’s spent her entire political career acting on her beliefs. Bless her heart.