Pennsylvania AG Uses “Racism” Smear to Cover Up Corruption

Kathleen Kane is the Attorney General of Pennsylvania and she is a Democrat. She succeed a Republican AG, Tom Corbett. While in office, Tom Corbett discovered Democrat Philadelphia-area legislators were taking bribes. (Yes, I know. How shocking to find corruption in such an upright city.) The bribes were in exchange for voting against voter-ID laws.

The problem is that while Corbett found the evidence and made the charges, he didn’t get to actually bring the case to court before his time in office ended, and he was replaced by Kane.

According to the Heritage Foundation blog:

These findings are the result of over 400 hours of video and audio recordings obtained over the course of a three-year investigation that started in 2010 under then-Attorney General Tom Corbett, a Republican. Despite this solid evidence obtained from a thorough investigation, current Attorney General Kathleen Kane, a Democrat, secretly dropped the case in 2013, allowing these elected officials to get away with corruption that attacks the very heart of representative government.

Kane told the Inquirer that she was not going to prosecute the Democratic legislators who took the bribes because the investigation, she claimed, was “poorly conceived, badly managed, and tainted by racism… [and] had targeted African Americans.” Those familiar with lead prosecutor Frank G. Fina dispute such claims; indeed, Fina is described by some as the top public-corruption prosecutor in Pennsylvania. Furthermore, Fina has also been responsible for many past investigations that led to prosecutions of both Republicans and Democrats.

What is Kane’s evidence that the investigation was “tainted by racism” and “targeted African Americans”? Merely the results. The four legislators who took bribes happened to be black and Democrat. To Kane, that justifies dropping the charges.

The lead agent in the case, Claud Thomas, is also an African-American who now works for Democratic District Attorney Seth Williams in Philadelphia. Williams criticized Attorney General Kane’s claim that Fina and Thomas had specifically targeted African-Americans in their investigation.

In fact, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the investigation targeted both Republicans and Democrats. But no Republicans took any bribes from the undercover operative, while at least four Democrats—who happen to be black—accepted bribes of up to two thousand dollars. That seems to be the only basis for Kathleen Kane’s bizarre claim that the investigation was “tainted by racism” —the fact that only black members of her own political party decided to accept bribes. The four legislators certainly delivered on their bribes, including voting against Pennsylvania’s voter ID law.

Of course, this is what happens when governments are simply part of the organized crime syndicates of the area. This would be a perfect time for the Federal Attorney General to bring charges and protect the residents from corruptocrats… But I don’t think that is one of Eric Holder’s priorities.