Pentagon Credit Cards for Hookers May Mean “Stern Warning”

Pentagon credit cards were used to make purchases that had nothing to do with Pentagon business but, at best, were hiding purchases from spouses.

Government employees are using their taxpayer-paid credit cards for hookers, gambling, “top-shelf liquor,” personal clothing, iPods, Starbucks, and countless other work-related “necessities”—it’s for the taxpayers, you know!

Thus, “Pentagon credit cards used for gambling, escorts.”

A Defense Department audit has found that a number of Pentagon employees used their government credit cards to gamble and pay for “adult entertainment” — findings that are expected to lead department officials to issue stern new warnings.

The audit of “Government Travel Charge Transactions” by the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General, which is to be made public in coming weeks, found that both civilian and military employees used the credit cards at casinos and for escort services and other adult activities — in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

A Pentagon official briefed on some of the findings stressed that the federal government did not necessarily pay the charges; holders of the cards pay their own bills and then submit receipts to be reimbursed for expenses related to their government business.

The official said that the employees may have used the government cards for gambling and escort services in order to shield the charges from spouses.

Because the review was an audit of the credit card system and not an investigation of particular individuals, the official said the likely result will be that the agencies and military branches most affected will be compelled to remind employees that the practice violates policy — and possibly the law.

But be encouraged, these egregious abuses “are expected to lead department officials to issue stern new warnings.” Wow, don’t you tremble as you read that?

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Stealing from taxpayers is “expected” to be met with the punitive actions of “stern new warnings.”

Translation: not even that has happened yet… we have to study these things, you know… determine what “strong” wording to use, and whether having hard-working folks pay for prostitutes to service overpaid “public servants” and for their other personal desires is really all that bad.