The People of Seattle Elected a Kleptomaniac for City Council and Deserve What They Get

The New American reports,

Monday’s announcement that the Seattle City Council had voted 9-0 to raise the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour was much more about advancing a political agenda than about improving economic conditions of the working poor. It also revealed extraordinary economic ignorance among those supporting the measure.

City Councilman Nick Licata insisted, “By significantly raising the minimum wage, Seattle’s prosperity will be shared by more people and create a sustainable model for continued growth.”

SEIU Local 775 President David Rolf expanded on the economic nonsense: “[The new law] will pump nearly $500 million into Washington’s economy, proving that a higher minimum wage fuels business and job growth.”

It’s a good thing the council didn’t decide to repeal the law of gravity at the same time. The iron law of economics says simply that when the price of something goes up, less of it will be demanded. The only redeeming feature is that the damage to the economy will be applied slowly, over time, giving the hapless small business owners most affected by the measure more time either to adjust or get out of town.

There are so many good things about this:

1. I don’t live in or near Seattle

2. Since the implementation is phased in, businesses have time to leave

3. We’ll get a living laboratory of the consequences of total economic ignorance

As you read the above article, remember that these are the views of a woman the people of Seattle actually elected to their City Council:

In her campaign [Kshama Sawant] called for the unionization of local Seattle companies such as Starbucks and Amazon, along with the nationalization of Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon. She said in numerous speeches that if Boeing continued to move its employees out of the city, then workers should physically attack their plants, take them over, and turn them over to the city. She has plans: Those buildings would be converted into multiple-use public facilities to be operated by the city.

I was tempted to say that all candidates for public office should be required to pass a competency test in American government, but then I had to admit that most citizens couldn’t pass a legitimate test either, and they still get to vote.

I simply wonder where the tipping-point is for workers. Sure, Democrats will be assured of these new welfare bums’ votes for a while, but when does it reach the point where enough of them realize they’ve been harmed by those who made it appear like they were helping them?

Perhaps there are enough people devoid of brain cells to make that work for a long, long time… and given the nonsense which has been taught in public school classes on government and economics for decades, it could simply be too late for the nation as a whole.

So long, Seattle. At least you have a couple of years to develop really good arguments as to why your surely coming failure is George W. Bush’s fault.