The People’s Grand Jury

According to the Supreme Court, the people’s grand jury is in effect a fourth branch of government.

we the people

The preamble to the US Constitution begins with “We The People, in order to form a more perfect union…”.  For the first time in history, a People with God-given rights established a Government based upon those rights under the Rule of Law.  America’s Founders examined the causes that led to failure of the great nations in history.  They studied the great writers including Cicero, Charles Montesquieu, John Locke and William Blackstone.  The Bible provided their richest source of foundational principles.  Natures Law and the Laws of Nature’s God were established as the highest authority in the Declaration of Independence.  The Declaration is the very Creed of American Independence. It states that “certain truths are self evident” and may not be changed because they are God-given rights.

English Common Law, following Natures Law, is described in the Magna Carta of 1215 AD.  Kings and common people were found to be equal under a common Law.  Common Law came to America with the Pilgrims and remains in effect to this day.  The application of Common Law was the standard for justice in the early courts and the measure by which the courts were themselves judged.  Many judges and lawyers found Common Law to be too restraining and moved aggressively to establish new laws based upon the whims of men.  The Constitution gave the Legislative Branch of Federal Government power to pass new laws, known as statutory or administrative laws, provided that such laws did not conflict with the Constitution, the highest Law of the Land.  The majority of these laws now operate under the jurisdiction of Admiralty Law. For the judicial system to achieve and maintain justice, it must be judged under the Law of the Land, Common Law, and Admiralty Law as well as all other laws, statutes, regulations and codes that fall thereunder, follow a proper order of authority.

Article 3 of the Constitution provides for trial by jury for all crimes. Grand juries with jurists chosen from among the people are clearly the final tribunal.  History records the isolation of Common Law use, and abandonment of justice by using case law as precedent in deliberations of the court.  Judges and prosecutors avoid or manipulate grand juries to return verdicts that satisfy their personal or political biases.  But our Founders built a provision into Amendment V of the Bill of Rights that enables the People to restore justice by using the authority of a People’s Grand Jury.  There are three ways that criminal complaints may be brought to the court: (1) one or more people sign an affidavit that they have been injured, (2) a prosecutor, on behalf of the government, brings an accusation, or (3) the People’s Grand Jury by “its own will” investigates merely on the suspicion that a crime has been committed. They have the authority to make presentments to the court that it must take to a jury trial.

Validation of the People’s Grand Jury occurred in a 1992 ruling of the Supreme Court in US vs. Williams, with Justice Antonin Scalia presiding. The Court ruled that the People’s Grand Jury is “neither part of the judicial, executive or legislative branches of government, but instead belongs to the people.  It is in effect a fourth branch of government ‘governed’ and administered to directly by and on behalf of the American people….”.  Although it has been ‘shelved’ by manipulation of the court system, the right of the people to empanel their own Grand Jury and present “True Bills” of indictment to a court remains as a pathway to justice whenever public officials, including judges, criminally violate the law.  A broad movement is growing in every county of every State to reestablish these People’s Grand Juries and return the Rule of Law and the return of justice to our judicial system!  For more information on Common Law and People’s Grand Juries, visit


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