Perjury Recorded for Us with No Penalty Attached: the IRS Emails

Watch this March exchange for just a few seconds, from about 1:15-2:00.

Rep. Trey Gowdy questions IRS Commissioner John Koskinen about his agencies response to the IRS targeting scandal.

Why is this significant? Because the one month section of Lois Lerner’s emails for which Mr. Gowdy asks are among those the IRS now claims were allegedly “lost” in a hard drive crash. Yet in official testimony in the past few days, John Koskinen is said to have known BEFORE this hearing that the emails Mr. Gowdy was requesting were gone. Mr. Koskinen feigns as if he will comply, yet he supposedly knew at this very moment they were lost.

This man needs to be held in contempt, and both he and Lois Lerner should begin to rot in the Congressional jail.

One more time: Using the IRS as a political weapon is about as high a crime as you can get in our Constitutional Republic. The IRS destroys people’s lives, and its integrity and impartiality must be beyond question, or the whole thing should be shut down (and given a choice, I would choose that latter result!).

Does anyone doubt for a split-second, if this were a Republican Administration and the IRS’s targets were Progressives, that Democrats would be calling for blood? Lady Justice is “blind” for a reason—it does not matter who you are, what color your skin, what position you hold—the law is the law, and needs to be applied.