Peter King’s Record As A Terrorist Collaborator

Over at Red State, Eric Erickson weighs in on Peter King the Anti-American, Pro-NSA blowhard:

The sick and tragic irony is that the GOP put in charge of the Committee on Homeland Security a man who raised money for a terrorist organization while that organization was murdering American allies. That’s right. While the IRA was running terror operations throughout Ireland and Britain, Peter King was a huge supporter. King was even thrown out of a Northern Ireland courtroom during a trial because the judge determined he was an IRA collaborator.

I slightly disagree with Eric. I think it was sick and twisted that we even refer to the U.S. as our “homeland.” It is too close to “fatherland” and “mother Russia” for my taste. We certainly didn’t need another Federal agency.

Wikipedia has an extensive section in its entry for Peter King detailing his advocacy of the Irish Republican Army.

Here’s something from the Washington Post about why the Irish Government boycotted the New York City St. Patrick’s Day parade back in 1985 because Peter King was the grand marshal:

King, then a local politician on Long Island, was one of the most zealous American defenders of the militant IRA and its campaign to drive the British out of Northern Ireland. He argued that IRA violence was an inevitable response to British repression and that the organization had to be understood in the context of a centuries-long struggle for independence.

“The British government is a murder machine,” King said. He described the IRA, which mastered the car bomb as an instrument of urban terror, as a “legitimate force.” And he compared Gerry Adams, the leader of Sinn Fein, the IRA’s political wing, to George Washington.

To his credit, Peter King has been opposed to arming Syrian rebels, knowing that would end up arming Al Qaeda, so he is actually not as bad as someone like John McCain on some issues. Also, I haven’t found any evidence that he supported the terrorist MeK group in the hopes that the U.S. could use them to carry out attacks in Iran. So he is also somewhat better than former CIA and NSA director, and current NSA defender, Michael Hayden, who has been an advocate for the terrorist group.

But it is still amazing to me that King ardently justified Irish terrorists and yet denies the patriotism of Rand Paul because Paul thinks some practices of the NSA are unconstitutional.

Consider what King claims changed his mind:

Conceding that he has “cooled on Ireland,” Mr. King blames an epidemic of what he calls “knee-jerk anti-Americanism” that swept through Ireland after the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

“I don’t buy that it’s just anti-Bush. There’s a certain unpleasant trait that the Irish have, and it’s begrudgery … and resentment towards the Americans,” he said in a recent interview in his Washington office.

So King was OK with car bombs but opposition to our wars was too much for him? I don’t get Peter King at all. I’m not sure I want to.