Pickle Label Offends Mom

Some people go out of their way to be offended by completely innocent things when no offense was intended.

Case in point involves a Rhode Island woman, Chelley Martinka, who craved pickles when she was pregnant.  Ten months after her daughter was born, she was grocery shopping and stopped to look at some pickles.  The label on one type of pickle caught her attention and she became overly offended.

The label said:

“Kosher Dill Midgets.”

Why did the pickle label offend her?  Her 10 month old daughter has a form of dwarfism and she took the label as being insensitive and offensive.  Martinka explained:

“Seeing a word that is so hurtful used in such a benign fashion is, it’s hard for a parent.”

Martinka was so upset that she launched a social media campaign against the pickle company.  Her efforts have led to the company contacting her and informing her that they plan on changing the name of the type of pickle to ‘kosher dill mini muncher’ or ‘kosher dill babies.’

So what about the mothers that will be offended or upset over eating something called a baby?  Won’t the parent of a child who over eats be offended by ‘mini muncher?’  Does that mean a gay man should be offended by a ‘queen’ size bed?

I’m sorry, Mrs. Martinka, but I believe you are drastically over reacting and are being completely unrealistic.  Do you really expect everyone to stop using the word midget for things like pickles, car races or anything else because your daughter has dwarfism?  Should an amputee be upset by a ‘leg’ of lamb?  It reminds me of people being offended for being called an Indian when they are an Indian, or people offended by the tomahawk chop at a sporting event.

I am obese and I admit it.  Part of it is genetic and part of it is injury related.  However, I choose not to take offense at labels that say ‘x-large’, ‘jumbo’, ‘oversized’, ‘supersized’ or ‘king size.’  I don’t go running to social media cites crying that someone’s innocuous label offended me.  I can’t help being what I am any more than her daughter can help what she is.  That doesn’t give me or her the right to start dictating to others on what they call their products, especially when it has nothing to do with me and they don’t know me from Adam.

We have a society of people who are so self-centered that they forget that there is a whole world out there.  Moreover, people don’t offend you, you choose to be offended.  People don’t make you angry, you choose to be angry at them for whatever reason.  The company that called that type of pickle a kosher dill midget didn’t offend her or even think about offending anyone.  She chose to be offended and to take her offense out on an innocent company.   If anything, Mrs. Martinka should be embarrassed since she is the offensive one who should examine her own choices and motives in life.  If more people did this, you would find more people getting along and there would be a lot less crime and violence.

Remember – YOU choose how to react to everything in life.  YOU choose whether to be happy, sad, angry, agreeable, helpful, selfish, generous, delighted and so on.  No one makes you any of these things, YOU do!