Piers Morgan: If Only America Had Lost War For Independence

I used to think that it was silly for conservatives to criticize liberals by saying they “hated America.” I didn’t actually think that liberals hated America. (I can’t wait for the flurry of comments accusing me of “hating America” and for “defending” liberals.) It’s just that we have radically different worldviews and opinions about what would make America better as a nation. Accusing someone of “hating America” is not much more than an ad hominem attack. We can do better to debate the issues rather than making superficial accusations.

Now, I understand the sentiment by many conservatives to accuse liberals of hating America. I mean, what reason would liberals have to hold such horrible views on abortion, taxation, gun control, socialized medicine, etc. if not that they just hate this country and want to destroy it? Probably most liberals in positions of power truly hate this country and want to radically change it (that actually goes for most politicians in general). But I think the average, run-of-the-mill liberal on the street thinks that taxing the rich is the “fair” thing to do, and taking everyone’s guns is the “safe” thing to do. That doesn’t necessarily mean they hate their country. And even if they did hate this country, our arguments against them shouldn’t amount to, “Well, you just hate America. That’s all there is to it.” We should be debating the morality and implications of their opinions and trying to persuade them to come to a more Christian worldview.

But it’s pretty clear that at least two liberals in no positions of power pretty much hate America.

Any time people get onto Piers Morgan about his stance on guns and tell him to go back to his home country, he gets offended and says he’s an American now. He’s a proud American who has a right to his own opinions. He reminds everyone that he has 1st Amendment rights to spout off any nonsense that he wants. Of course, he also reminds us that the 2nd Amendment is not absolute and that all it guaranteed people was a musket.

But he thinks America should be more like the UK with regards to gun control and other socialist causes like government healthcare and high taxes. In fact, he laments the very creation of this country to which he allegedly swears proud allegiance.

In a 4th of July tweet, he quipped:

“To Life, Liberty & Happiness – and deep, abiding regret that George III couldn’t keep his s**t together.”

Morgan’s not the only “American” to have lamented America’s victory over the tyrannical British crown. Bette Midler had something similar to say:

 “Happy Independence Day! Just think, if we hadn’t won that war, today wouldn’t be a holiday AND we’d have health care.”

I’d be perfectly happy with these two moving to the UK where at least they’d be happy. But they want to stay here and continue to work to help America achieve their socialistic goals. I never thought I’d say this, but Morgan and Midler must really hate America.