Piers Morgan: Women Risking Death Preferable To Possibly Defending Themselves

Everybody’s least favorite Briton, Piers Morgan, told his guest on his CNN program the other night that he finds it jolly-good when women don’t have guns.

He was debating with Brietbart News’s A. W. R. Hawkins, whose position was that women with guns have a fighting chance at survival when their property or their person comes under attack. Hawkins cited the case of a Georgia woman who, along with her 9-year-old twins, was chased into her attic by an intruder. There the woman pumped him full of lead, thus saving her own life and the life of her children.

Morgan’s position on the matter was expressed plainly when he said during that night’s broadcast, “My problem is I don’t want to see all the women in America armed with guns.”

Yes, that certainly is his problem. One of many.

Morgan mentioned that when there is a gun in the house, the chances of a woman who lives in that house having that gun used against her are greater than if there isn’t a gun in the house. This is exactly like saying that if you have a toaster in your house, you have a greater chance of eating burnt toast than if you had no toaster in your house. But it leaves out the fact that if you don’t have a toaster, you can’t eat toast at all.

The gun’s existence in a house is not what increases a woman’s chance of being killed; it is merely what increases a woman’s chance of being killed with that gun. If the gun were not there, whatever abusive man she’s living with would end up killing her by some other method, perhaps a slow and painful bludgeoning. Who you live with is what determines whether you will be killed by that person; not what items exist in your house. Why doesn’t Morgan mention, for instance, that women who live with black men are more likely to be killed by that black man than if they lived with a white man? It’s an inconvenient fact, that’s why.

Morgan also pointed out that a woman who lives with a gun in the house is also more likely to have her gun taken away by an intruder and used against her; this, as opposed to the preferable method of having her skull opened up with a crowbar.

Piers Morgan: What happened here tonight, officer?
Officer: This woman was killed by 33 stab wounds to the chest by an intruder who used one of her kitchen knives against her.
Morgan: Good God. Well, at least she wasn’t shot with her own gun.
Officer: She was killed regardless, Piers.
Morgan: Yes, but the loud bang could have damaged her hearing.

Finally, the reason Piers gave (as do many a liberal) for not wanting women to own guns? Because it increases that person’s chance of using that gun for suicide. (It doesn’t increase their chances of suicide, mind you; just the chances of doing it with a gun.) Know what I say to that? Her body, her choice.

Back in January an 18-year-old mother used a shotgun to protect herself and her 3-month-old baby against two men trying to break into her home. One of them, whom the mother shot dead, had a 12-inch knife.

They say you shouldn’t bring a knife to a gunfight. Morgan’s advice to women: bring nothing to a knife fight, and come what may. Why does he hate women so much?