Pistol Packin’ Wife Drives Off 6 Armed Robbers

Last Thursday, an unidentified couple was having an early breakfast (4am) at a Denny’s restaurant in southeast Houston.  The wife had gone to the restroom, but when she emerged, she saw her husband lying on the floor of the restaurant with six armed robbers around him.  She did what all good law abiding citizens should do in this situation when she pulled out her gun and started shooting at the men.  The gunmen returned fire before leaving the restaurant.

Police said that no one was hurt in the shootout, but several cars in the parking lot were hit.  The men fled the scene in a car with only some jewelry they managed to steal before facing the pistol packin’ wife.  She did get a description of the car and the license plate which she gave to the police.

According to the man’s brother:

“She said she came out of the restroom and saw my brother on the floor. That’s when she started doing what she gotta do. She got a license and she’ll do anything to protect her kids and my brother.”

The wife had a conceal carry permit and used it to save her husband and others in the Denny’s.  She used her legally owned and carried firearm to prevent another Denny’s shooting.

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Earlier this month, a woman was shot in the face at a North Miami Denny’s.  Back in April, a man was shot and killed in a Denny’s parking lot in Denver. In 2009, another fatal shooting took place in a Denny’s in Albuquerque.

The incident that comes to my mind was the fatal shootings that took place at a Lube’s restaurant in Killeen, Texas back in 1991.  During the busy lunchtime crowd, George Hennard drove his truck through the glass windows of the busy restaurant and then opened fire on the crowd.  He walked around, shooting people at random.  When it was finally over, 24 people were dead.

Suzanna Hupp and her parents were having lunch that day at the Killeen Luby’s.  Suzanna had a conceal carry permit and gun, but due to the laws at the time, she was not allowed to take her gun with her into a public place.  As Hennard shot and killed her mother and father, Hupp’s gun was in the glove compartment of her car in the parking lot.  To this day, she regrets following the law, saying:

“It still makes me angry when I think about it. You can’t go up against a guy with a gun with a salt shaker or a butter knife.”

Reflecting back on what happened that day, Hupp says she knows she could have stopped Hennard and saved at least one of her parents, if not both and a number of others had she only been allowed to carry her gun with her into the restaurant.  She fought long and hard to change the Texas conceal carry laws to allow people like the wife in Houston to carry their guns with them into public places.

Who knows how the situation at the Denny’s would have played out had the wife not been armed and ready?  The robbery could easily have turned into another blood bath, but fortunately, it didn’t.

However, if Obama, Biden and the rest of the anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment liberals had their way, this woman would not have been armed and everyone in the Denny’s would have been at the mercy of the six armed robbers.  Our President would rather you and your family remain defenseless in these situations rather than give you the opportunity to defend yourself and your loved ones.  I hope you think about that the next time you go to the polling station to cast your votes.  If you value your life and the lives of your family, then make the fight against gun control a priority issue and a determining factor before you vote for someone.