Planet Fitness Allows Men in Women’s Locker Room

A woman was kicked out of Planet Fitness because she doesn’t want a “transgender” man in the women’s locker room with her.

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Not only is what happened vile, but this WNEM news story is also evil. For one thing they abuse the English language to an extent that not even George Orwell could have imagined. She saw someone “who looked like a man” in her locker room? Yeah, I guess so, since a man normally looks like a man. But the rule is that we must all pretend this is real. She didn’t encounter a man in her locker room; she encountered a “member of the transgender community.”

The story is really simple. A woman went into her “gym” (this is Planet Fitness, so sarcastic quotation marks are required) and tried to use the so-called “woman’s locker room” only to find a man in there. She went and complained there was a man in her locker room and Planet Fitness, the “judgment free zone,” ended up canceling her membership for her sin against the gods of political correctness.

Planet Fitness has a policy that “transgender men” (i.e. women) and “transgender women” (i.e. men) get to use the locker rooms of the opposite sex (the locker room of the sex that they pretend to be).

Of course, Planet Fitness doesn’t tell anyone about this policy when they are initially considering purchasing a membership. Why chase away customers to the competition by being honest that your company is running an insanely delusional and perverse operation? Better to get them in the door and hope that, if they find out about the policy, they will feel pressured to put up with this.

Do you get that? The company that promises you will never by “gym-timidated” has based its entire business model on the hope that it can intimidate you into conformity. That’s a pretty clear picture of the hypocrisy and violence we are heading into as a society under a pansexual (really, anti-sexual) regime.

“I was stunned and shocked. He looked like a man.. He did not look like a woman,” Cormier said. Cormier is talking about a transgender woman who walked into the woman’s locker room while she was getting undressed. She says she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“This is very unprofessional. This is very scary,” Cormier said.

Not knowing why the person was in the women’s locker room, Cormier said she immediately complained to the front desk and eventually to corporate offices.

“They told me the same thing, that he was allowed in there because that’s the sex he wants to be,” Cormier said.

Cormier said she understands that some men self-identify as women and some women self-identify as men, but said the person looked like a man and that caught her off guard.

Cormier lost her membership for violating the company’s no judgment zone policy.


Cormier said she had no idea that person was actually a transgender woman. She also said she had no idea Planet Fitness had a policy allowing transgender women to share locker rooms with women.

WNEM, being spineless and directionless, is naturally panicked about seeming sympathetic to a woman who was just sexually harassed according to any definition of the term outside of the transgender zero-tolerance zone. So they call on a local professor in drag to arbitrate the dispute as “a transgender woman.” “She” magnanimously says “she” has no hard feelings against the woman who didn’t want a man in her locker room.


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Tellingly, he (or “she” if you want to continue with the delusion) doesn’t want Planet Fitness to change their policy and informing new and prospective customers about their policy, because that might cause negativity.

“Her” suggestion is that we can solve the whole problem if we turn all locker rooms into individualized showers and bathrooms. Does that sound affordable to you? No? Then you know the Justice Department will mandate it soon.