Planned Parenthood Busted for Illegal Second-Trimester Abortions

Because of their loss of stature, we get to watch Florida facilities belonging to Planned Parenthood busted for breaking the law.

Abby Johnson said, at a Texas hearing, that they always knew when the inspections were going to happen when she was the director of a Planned Parenthood abortuary. It is hard to believe that the Florida abortuary lacked such accommodations from the government. But they don’t seem to have them now! Live News reports, “Inspections Catch Florida Planned Parenthood Clinics Illegally Doing 2nd Trimester Abortions.”

Last month, Florida became the 11th state to launch an investigation into Planned Parenthood after the abortion company was exposed selling the body parts of aborted babies. Florida Governor Rick Scott, who is pro-life, ordered an investigation of 16 statewide Planned Parenthood offices.


Scott asked the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) to immediately begin investigating the 16 Planned Parenthood offices in Florida that perform abortion procedures to ensure they are in full compliance with the law.

So what were the results? The article quotes from the Tampa Bay Times.

“We will take immediate actions against these three facilities for performing second trimester abortions without a proper license,” AHCA spokesperson Shelisha Coleman said in a written statement Wednesday. “These facilities have been notified to immediately cease performing second trimester abortions.”

Clinics in St. Petersburg, Fort Myers and Naples were cited for performing abortions in the second trimester that they are not licensed to do.

A Pembroke Pines clinic was cited for improper recordkeeping.

If I hadn’t already read Kirsten Powers on the implications of second trimester abortions, I wouldn’t have realized, when I saw this story, what a big deal it might be.

But I doubt the abortuaries will be punished all that significantly.

Despite my expectation that the “clinics” will survive these citations, I still think we are seeing an amazing sea change. The reason Rick Scott felt confident going after Planned Parenthood isn’t just because of his own pro-life claims. He made those claims in the past and it never led to inspections. Nor do I think that it is simply because of the information revealed in the video. Others have pointed out scandals in Planned Parenthood without getting any kind of support from the government of any state.

The real thing that has happened is that mass numbers of people are responding to the videos. They are outraged by them. The media tries to discount it, but can’t. The Democrats try to rationalize it, but no one listens. A lot of people are extremely angry and are saying so.

This provides Rick Scott the political cover to (start to) do the right thing.

It means we are experiencing a sea change. Society is turning against Planned Parenthood the way society turned against large tobacco companies. Planned Parenthood has lost stature. They are now vulnerable in ways that were not true a month ago.

It is a wonderful thing.