Planned Parenthood Opposes Candidate Because Of Her Doctor-Killed Cousin

If you ever doubted the institutional character of Planned Parenthood as cold-blooded killers, listen to how they oppose a Democratic State Representative in Pennsylvania.

From the Daily Caller:

“We are extremely disappointed by current 164th District Representative Margo Davidson’s votes on SB 732 and HB 818,” Sari Stevens, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates and PAC said in a statement. “We have faced unprecedented attacks here in Pennsylvania straight out of the Tea Party playbook, and Representative Davidson voted for two such attacks that are now law in Pennsylvania after being an endorsed candidate in 2010.”

So, somehow, this African-American woman Democrat went from being a Planned-Parenthood-endorsed politician, to a Tea-Party collaborator?

No. Sadly, Margo Davidson is still committed to a so-called “pro-choice” position on abortion. She’s nothing remotely like a Tea Party advocate.

Here she is in her own words.

Davidson emotionally explained her support for SB 732 — which tightened safety restrictions on abortion facilities and was introduced in response to the Gosnell “House of Horrors” — on the floor of the State House, saying her vote was for her cousin, Semika Shaw, who suffered a horrific death after a visit to the Gosnell clinic.

“Today I honor [Semika’s] memory by voting for this legislation that seeks to safeguard the health of women that is long overdue, so that never again will a woman walk into a licensed healthcare facility in the state of Pennsylvania and be butchered, as she was, with her uterus perforated and her death of sepsis and infection permeating in her body till she writhed in pain on the floor of her home to her ultimate death,” she explained. “And today I thank the members of this house that supported this legislation for the safety of women. And I thank you.”

So Davidson has experienced the brutal death of her cousin at the hands of Dr. Kermit Gosnell. She recalls the death with the image of her writhing on the floor of her home in agony before finally dying. As a result, she voted in favor of regulations to keep such places safer for women.

Planned Parenthood doesn’t care. They don’t care about Margo Davidson’s loss of her cousin. They don’t care about more women being perforated to death. They just want things back to the way they were.

So they don’t hesitate to ignore Davidson’s position and characterize her as a “Tea party” stooge.

I have to admit I see an upside to this, even though I find Davidson’s pro-abortion position morally revolting. If Planned Parenthood is going to go around claiming that Davidson is a Tea Party radical, they are going to expose themselves as they truly are: quite willing to overlook dead mothers in their frantic mission to produce more dead babies. If Davidson fights back in her campaign, even though the culture might not shift on abortion, it might shift against Planned Parenthood.

That would be a good thing.