Planned Parenthood: “That Was a Dead Premature Baby PRETENDING to Be an Aborted Fetus.”

Planned Parenthood wants you to know that wasn’t a fetus but a 19-week stillborn baby that they would have gladly killed if paid.

A recent news story shows how Planned Parenthood is pretending that the videos catching them in their ghoulish, Hannibalesqe commerce are fraudulent.

hannibal planned parenthood

Based on the high risk they are taking in their PR strategy, we can deduce they must be really worried!

The Hill reports, “Anti-abortion video showed stillborn baby — not fetus.”

The anti-abortion-rights group targeting Planned Parenthood is acknowledging that its most recent video used an image of a stillborn baby that was made to look like an aborted fetus.

The Center for Medical Progress posted a new link on its video late Thursday, adding that one of the images was actually a baby named Walter Fretz, born prematurely at 19 weeks.

Planned Parenthood is seizing on the clarification, arguing that it is new proof the videos are deceptively edited in an attempt to take down the organization.

“This fraudulent smear campaign is falling apart on closer inspection,” said Eric Ferrero, vice president for communications at Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

“These anti-abortion extremists apparently violated multiple laws to perpetrate this fraud. They weren’t documenting wrongdoing — they set out to create wrongdoing and catch it on tape, and when they couldn’t even do that, they edited videos to try to mislead and deceive the public.”

Let’s try to comprehend this argument. The Center for Medical Progress showed a stillborn baby that, if the mother had been willing to pay them, Planned Parenthood would have been happy to extract at nineteen weeks, cut it apart (whether dead or alive) and sell all the intact organs they could.

They would have been happy to do it at twenty weeks. They would have been happy to “crush” the torso of a twenty-six-week-old fetus, carefully ensuring that the organs remained intact so they could sell them.

And that only brings us to the edge of the third trimester. There are another thirteen weeks of open season on the baby/fetus when Planned Parenthood would happily extract the child and end his or her life.

What exactly is Planned Parenthood claiming is the difference between a nineteen-week-old fetus and a nineteen-week premature baby?

Since the baby showed no signs of being cut or crushed anywhere on its body, I assumed they were giving us a model for the size of the fetus of which the woman remembered cutting through the face to get to the brain. Who would have thought otherwise?

But even if someone “confused” a dead fetus with a dead premature baby, that is the whole point! There is no difference! A “fetus” that leaves the womb before birth is by definition a premature baby. Obviously, the pregnancy had ended through health complications. An “abortion” (i.e. the end of a pregnancy) had occurred. Thus, a premature stillborn baby is an aborted fetus.

Planned Parenthood is now telling the entire country to think that the same exact being counts as two different things that can be regarded in the opposite way from one another. They want us to believe that a nineteen-week aborted fetus is in a completely different category from a nineteen-week premature baby.

They are making things up. Their claims make no sense. The videos are not a fraud. They show the truth, and Planned Parenthood hates the truth.