Playing With Ebola is Gambling With Human Lives

There’s hardly a student today who is not inflicted by the leftist version of history in which all evil is America’s responsibility.

In that version of reality, Europeans beginning with Columbus committed “genocide” against native Americans by simply bringing illnesses with them from Europe to American shores that the native population had no immunity to.

Those European settlers of course had no concept of the germ theory of disease and no such intention of killing  anyone by way of biological contamination. In fact, many early explorers and settlers remarked on the unusual frailty of the natives and lamented that so many died of diseases such as smallpox. They literally did not know why their new neighbors were getting sick.

So if we teach our children that those settlers were genocidal monsters, what are we to say then about a government that is fully aware of how diseases are transmitted yet is wantonly spreading potentially fatal illnesses across the country to densely populated areas, including bringing the deadly ebola virus to our shores for the first time ever?

During the current border crisis — in which the Obama Administration’s lax enforcement of the country’s laws and irresponsible promise of amnesty have inspired wave upon wave of invaders from Central and South America and numerous other countries — the federal government has flown and bused illegal aliens, many of them sick, into unsuspecting communities in states across the country.

Although federal agents have tried to quarantine and treat the ill, there has been an acknowledged breakdown of medical controls due to the sheer volume of patients.

It is unknown how many untreated or under-treated aliens have been released into the wild, as it were, with nothing more than a summons to appear at a future hearing protecting local residents.

Many federal officials have acknowledged that efforts to quarantine all the diseased or infected have failed and that there may be illnesses being brought to the U.S. by aliens who are never caught by the Border Patrol. Ebola has been mentioned repeatedly, as immigrants have been caught who are from western Africa, which is currently experiencing the largest ebola outbreak ever.

Now, two infected American missionaries have been deliberately brought to the United States, where they have been given an experimental drug, thanks to the intervention of several medical groups.

Several medical experts have questioned the wisdom of bringing the pair back to America, despite any precautions that may be taken.

Dr. Ben Carson, the former director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins, said the CDC should have instead sent a fully equipped hospital plane to treat the patients where they were in Africa.

Carson said, “It is a highly contagious disease and all it requires is some infractions in procedures and all of a sudden you have got more spread and that’s what I’m afraid of.”

The real danger, however, might not be from those two well-documented patients but from ordinary air travel.

In London this week, a woman from west Africa getting off a plane at Gatwick Airport suddenly collapsed and died, leading to a sudden fear that her symptoms matched those experienced by ebola victims. Tests for the virus fortunately came back negative.

In New York, a man who, again, had taken a commercial flight from Africa reported to a Manhattan emergency room with symptoms similar to the ebola virus. Six other people were feared to have been exposed to him and were tested. Those six tests came back negative, but results were still awaited in the case of the first patient.

While health officials and the media duly tried to calm the public by saying it was “unlikely” the man had ebola, as of this writing they don’t know yet for certain.

And that’s how easy transmission and a new outbreak could be.

While the government and the media have a vested interest in pacifying the public and keeping them ignorant, efforts to pooh-pooh ebola are misplaced.

Measles, for example, killed some 120,000 people globally last year, but that’s because it’s a disease that has traveled around the world and back again for centuries. The total fatality rate from measles in the worst undeveloped countries is 28 percent, and it is much lower elsewhere because of the availability of a vaccine. In the United States, measles is fatal only about 0.3 percent of the time.

On the other hand, ebola, depending on the strain, has a 60 to 90 percent fatality rate. Experimental treatment notwithstanding, there is no cure. The number of deaths from ebola for all time is only in the hundreds, but that’s because it only first appeared in Africa in the 1970s and until our government brought it to America, it was confined to a particular region.

There may be plenty of medical officials and others who are arrogant enough to assume that the United States can “handle” ebola, but it only takes one slip, as Dr. Carson pointed out. The real truth is that our government is playing dangerous games with ebola and other diseases at the possibly great expense of American citizens.