Pointing The Finger

It is an understatement to say that we live in desperate times. And it is easy to point the finger at our illegitimate and tyrannical governments in Washington and in our own state capitols and our own counties and complain about their corruption and criminality.

Indeed, our leaders are base and debauched.

We speak wistfully of our Forefathers and their love for their children and their commitment to future generations which compelled them to sacrifice their lives for us.

Yet we have become the “me generation”. We elect leaders, not for their righteousness, but for their empty promises to give us benefits. Benefits that are, by the way, meager in comparison to what they steal from us.

Absorbed with our own lives and material possession, we have lost sight of all that is important: God and Family, our neighbors and our fellow countrymen.

As a result, our nation is under judgment – Natural disasters pummel our cities and countryside; economic collapse cripples entire regions, millions are out of work; preachers and politicians are put on display for their acts of corruption and immorality; our leaders mortgage our children’s future to build political monuments to themselves; and, our jails and our prisons are filled to overflowing.

Our children are enslaved by unthinkable sins, sex, drugs and alcohol. Abortion and sexual immorality have become protected rights, and legislators, judges and governors impose sodomite “un-marriage” upon their citizens.

Our schools teach that sodomite behavior between a man and a man is morally equivalent to holy matrimony between a man and a woman.

Evil is called good and good is called evil.

If our experiment in self-government is failing, is it because we have failed to govern ourselves?

Should we be pointing our finger at the mirror?


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