Police Back Gun Ownership, not ‘Assault Weapon’ Bans

Further exposing the liberal excuses for gun control as a pack of lies, a new poll of 15,000 law enforcement professionals found that 71 percent agreed that an “assault weapons” ban would have no impact whatsoever on crime.

With Democrats crying that they only want gun control to prevent any more shootings like those at Sandy Hook Elementary, this poll should be a pin in the Obama Administration’s balloon.

It won’t be, of course. Expect the media to hit the ignore/snooze button and let this story disappear off the radar.

But fans of Second Amendment rights will be pleased to find that most police officers are on their side, according to the poll by PoliceOne.

In addition to the finding on “assault weapon” bans, the poll revealed that 79.7 percent believed background checks would not help stop crime; and an incredible 95.7 percent felt the same way about bans on high-capacity ammo magazines.

Likewise, 91.3 percent supported concealed carrying of guns for citizens without a criminal record “without further question.”

Similarly, 80 percent feel that the carnage at Sandy Hook could have been lessened if the adults present had been armed.

About 60 percent of respondents thought the Administration’s current proposals for gun control would have no effect; and an additional 24.6 percent said the proposals would have negative impact on officer safety.

All of this is exactly what conservatives have been saying all along, and most liberals know that we’re correct on this issue.

They’re going to go for it anyway.

President Obama and Vice President Jumpin’ Joe Biden have been going around the country deriding the “black helicopter crowd,” as they call gun owners and supporters of our constitutional freedoms.

Their cronies in the media have been hard at work, as well, such as Time’s Joe Klein, who called people who believe in gun ownership “anti-American” — and he’s not being sarcastic.

It comes down to one simple point: The government wants to get rid of Americans’ guns, knowing that it won’t do a thing to decrease crime. Therefore, the reason must be to decrease people’s control over their own lives and persons.

When that time comes, let’s hope the police are on the people’s side.