Police Called for Suicidal Male So They Kill Him

The suicidal male had a knife that he was threatening to use on himself so the deputies executed him in his room with AK-47s.

Why does this keep happening?

Before reading the story below you might go watch a video of an officer telling people to call the professionals to deal with the suicidal… after the professionals had just killed the suicidal man! (I would embed the video here but it is self-starting and, when I remember, it is now my policy not to embed videos that start automatically. Readers have told me they don’t like it.)

Justin Way is dead, according to the Daily Beast. He was shot by police. The police say he attacked them with a knife. Mysteriously, the parents and girlfriend found no blood anywhere but in Way’s mattress. Before she was made to leave the room by the police so they could “work” Justin had been lying on that mattress.

Why were the police there? Way’s girlfriend, Kaitlyn Christine Lyons, discovered he had been drinking. When she took the bottle away from him he threatened to harm himself with a knife.

She called a non-emergency number in an attempt to get her boyfriend to a local St. Augustine, Florida, hospital for help—and told them she did not feel threatened.

“My brother has been Baker Acted three times because he was threatening to hurt himself so I figured that would happen with Justin,” said Lyons. Florida’s Baker Act allows the involuntary institutionalization of an individual, and it can be initiated by law enforcement officials.

“The only person Justin threatened was himself and I honestly don’t think he wanted to die.”

Minutes later, two St. Johns County Sheriff’s deputies, 26-year-old Jonas Carballosa and 32-year-old Kyle Braig, arrived at the home, armed with assault rifles, and told Kaitlyn to wait outside.

“I thought they were going into war,” she remembered thinking when she first saw the large guns. Within moments, Justin was shot dead.

The deputies claimed in their report that not only were they attacked, but that Kaitlyn claimed that Way had threatened her. She denies making such a claim.

Denise Way, Justin’s mom, said the detective [Mike Smith] relayed to her that “they told Justin to drop the knife and he didn’t—so they shot him because ‘That’s what we do.’”

Denise said Smith then told her about “this new trend in law enforcement now—it’s called suicide by cop.” She said Smith explained “suicide by cop” is when suicidal people provoke the police in an effort to end their own lives.

She said Smith wouldn’t tell her family where or how many times their son was shot.

The family now says they will never call the police for help again for any reason. Sounds like a plan.