Police Invade Home and Murder Man

According to local station WNCN in North Carolina:

A dad was shot several times and died in an officer-involved shooting in Spring Lake Sunday morning, witnesses said.

Harnett County Sheriff’s Deputy Nicholas Kehagias was involved in the shooting incident, according to Maj. Jeff Huber. Kehagias has been employed as a deputy sheriff since July 2013 and is currently assigned to the patrol division.

Meanwhile on Monday, an SBI agent says they are interviewing witnesses and the deputies involved in the shooting death of John David Livingston, age 33.

The agent says an autopsy is also scheduled for Monday.

The incident occurred just before 3:40 a.m. at a residence near the intersection of Stage Road and W. Everett Drive when deputies arrived on scene to conduct an assault investigation, the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office said.

According to authorities, “a confrontation with an individual resulted in a shooting.” The person involved in the confrontation was pronounced dead at the scene, while the deputy received minor injuries.

Clayton Carroll told WNCN that his roommate, John Livingston was shot several times by a Harnett County Sheriff deputy during the incident.

Carroll says sheriff’s deputies knocked on their door around 3:30 a.m.

Carroll said they were looking for someone that no longer lived there. When deputies asked Livingston if they could search the trailer, Livingston said “not without a search warrant,” according to Carroll.

Livingston then closed the door.

“The cop kicked in the door, got on top of him, started slinging him around beat him…” Carroll said.

Carroll said sheriff’s deputies then started spraying mace on Livingston and using the Taser, according to the roommate.

Witnesses said Livingston was not fighting back and was trying to get the Taser out of the deputy’s hands.

The incident eventually continued outside.

“He (Livingston) barely had the Taser in his hand but he had it where it was constantly going off and the officer I guess  that spoke to him rolled over there, says he got the Taser and shot him in this position,” Carroll said while on the deck outside the home demonstrating what happened.

WNCN saw six bullet holes in the side of the home from the shooting.

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According to Reason.com,

Under North Carolina’s Castle Doctrine law, Livingston had the right to use deadly force, in and near his home, to repel the sheriff’s deputies unless they were lawfully performing their duties.

But they weren’t “lawfully performing their duties.” They broke in the man’s “castle,” assaulted him, and murdered him for lawfully defending him.