Police State in Mississippi… because Bulldogs

The Mississippi legislature is set to create a police state to monitor people with the wrong dogs or thought to have such dogs.

stop bsl

As far as I can tell the Stop BSL website stands for stopping “Breed-Specific Laws.” You can find a list of their principles here, including:

  • Stop BSL does not support dog fighting in any way, shape, or form, and the author personally wishes all dog fighters would drop dead.
  • Stop BSL does not support dog breeders.
  • Stop BSL does not support irresponsible dog owners.
  • Stop BSL does not support laws that are discriminatory or ineffective.
  • Stop BSL supports non-breed-specific legislation that places responsibility on dog owners.

[See also, “Woman Imprisoned For Not Being Able To Afford To Take Her Dog To The Vet.”]

Yesterday, the blog issued an alert about a bill in Mississippi:

Best Friends Animal Society has discovered that a bill, House Bill 1261, has been introduced that would target dogs resembling pit bulls, including in the definition, American Bulldogs.

What I found most interesting about the bill was that it seemed to encode a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

The bill gives “law enforcement officers” blanket authority to enter a person’s property in order to check that they are in compliance with the bill. [Quoting from the Bill itself:]

“In order to determine if there is a violation of this section, a law enforcement officer, at any time, may enter the premises where a dangerous dog is kept, or is believed to be kept, for an on-site inspection of the premises.” (emphasis mine)

So if someone claims you have a bulldog, a cop can demand immediate entry? Or simply break into your home? I suppose, at that point, if he feels threatened by the dog he can justifiably shoot the animal on the spot.

There are several other provisions in the law that seem completely wrong. But that one seems so outrageously unconstitutional even my low opinion of politicians does not prevent me from being amazed.

This law wants to leash dogs but it unleashes a far more dangerous beast onto the public.