Politicians and Voters Both Live in Make-Believe World

Pope Francis has become a propagandist for the make-believe world of the EU and the US ruling regime.

Here is a rousing commentary on the foolishness of both Pope Francis and the Eurocrats: “The Pope joins the EU in a sad world of make-believe.”

What has a Papal Encyclical calling on the world to end its use of fossil fuels and to pray to God for the success of the global “climate summit” in December got in common with the Greek euro crisis, the ominous rift between the West and Russia, and the shambles Europe is making over the desperation of African and Syrian refugees to find safety this side of the Mediterranean? They are all different aspects of the two greatest acts of political make-believe of our time, so all-pervasive that it is hard for us to grasp just how much effect they are having on all our lives.

When future historians come to look back on our age, few things will puzzle them more than the extent to which our politics became so dominated and bedeviled by two belief-systems, each based on an obsessive attempt to force into being an immensely complicated political construct which defied economic, psychological and scientific reality.

Western politicians are living in a grand state of delusion, on so many issues. Their lust for power is driving us all to ruin, and this short essay includes a powerful list of examples.

…the last desperate throw by the EU and the US to achieve a world agreement next December to “halt climate change” is not going to succeed, not just because the “science” on which it is based is so increasingly questionable, but because the emerging powers of the East, led by India and China, are simply not prepared to go along with it. If the West wishes to commit economic suicide, so be it. In their own national interest, they are not willing to follow.

The EU, fiat currencies handled by Central Banks, Russia, Ukraine, ISIS… so many pieces of a frightening puzzle, all of which should awaken people in the West that it’s time to stop electing people who are nothing more than monumental narcissists and megalomaniacs, with highly-inflated self-esteem (we used to call it “pride” and “hubris”—much less palatable labels!).

Political Science is apparently a training program for character-deprived men and women to game the system, and seduce similarly debauched citizens, so they can gain and hold power. As long as we continue to play along, the future is dark, indeed.

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No more politicians, we need statesmen—men and women of character and principle, even if they’re allegedly ignorant of modern “statecraft.”

The inmates are running the asylum, and we elected them. And now they even have a pope sucked into their vortex, listening to nonsense.