Poor Countries Want You to Pay for Their Weather

In what has to be one of the most ridiculous claims on charity ever from self-proclaimed victims, USA Today reports that poor countries that have suffered from “extreme” weather events want reparations from the United States and Europe.

And they want them to the tune of $100 billion.


Third World countries have written up their invoice in preparation for the United Nations’ Conference on Climate Change planned for December in Paris.

Because obviously, there never would have been any hurricanes, floods, blizzards or droughts if people in the United States and Europe weren’t so wealthy — er, big on using oil.

The Paris conference is expected to draw up a plan for the entire world to follow to reduce “climate change.”

All that’s going to mean is that the United States, Canada and Europe will be stupid enough to voluntarily redistribute taxpayer money to countries that haven’t gotten their acts together, in some cases for hundreds of years.

And it will happen, because now that Obama has finished his part of selling out the country to get the Iran Deal he’s looking for a new project to keep him occupied.

Don’t you just wish the guy would take up model railroading or something?

Instead, he’s going to sign on to a plan that will commit us to wasting a large chunk of money trying to control the weather in someone else’s back yard and give foreign powers control over a chunk of our economy and probably several other things by the time he’s done.

Because you know there’s no stopping Obama. He’s got no re-election to hold him back, and Congress gave up exercising its authority over him years ago. And even if somehow the Senate found its spine, Obama would just do an executive order end-run around Congress.

What Barry wants, Barry takes.

The forces behind global warming have been building for years and are by now unstoppable. By “forces,” that is to say the wealthy people who stand to make a killing selling carbon credits.

With Obama on the way out, this Paris conference is their chance to finally make their move. Just watch over the coming months as more dire predictions are issued by supposed scientists, such as the one released last week that said Antarctica could melt and submerge major coastal cities.

Weather reparations? Better believe they’re on the table. This is just one more thing liberals are going to force down our throats if we don’t find some way to stop them.