Populace Not Fooled; Obama is Tool for One Percent

A majority of Americans recognize that Barack Obama is the One Percent President


Who has Obama helped out during both his terms in office thus far? Are poor minorities better off than they were a decade ago? Have Middle Class families prospered under President Obama?

If not, then what group has benefitted from the Obama Presidency?

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The Daily Caller reports on a new Pew study: “New Poll: Obama Aids Rich, Not Middle Class.”

A new Pew Research Center survey shows most Americans believe President Barack Obama’s two terms in office have favored the rich, and have not benefited the middle class or the poor.

Those negative attitudes are justified by much negative economic data, and could help GOP candidates in 2015 and 2016 who offer a populist criticism of “crony capitalism.”

The data may also nudge the Democrats’ 2016 candidate to run a populist anti-government campaign, despite Obama’s eight-year tenure.

Sixty-six percent of Pew’s 1,504 respondents say “government economic policies since the recession have helped” wealthy people a “great deal” or a “fair amount.” Only 29 percent said the wealthy were helped “not too much/not at all.”

In contrast, only 26 percent of respondents said middle-class people were helped a great deal or a fair amount.

Seven-two percent of respondents said the middle-class people were helped “not too much/not at all,” according to the Pew survey, which was released March 4.

Thirty-two percent said poor people were helped, while 65 percent said they were not helped.

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Of course, while I think Republicans are better than Democrats in many ways, I have to say that the GOP is ensnared in a similar problem. It is our rich Republicans who are preventing Congress from really fighting Obama’s executive amnesty. These moneyed Republicans are the natural enemies of the Tea Party.

These negative perceptions about Obama are based on reality.

There’s plenty of outside data to support the sour view. The median household income in January 2015 was $54,332, which is 3.9 percent lower than January 2000, 15 years prior, according to a March 4 report by Sentier Research.

The median number is the mid-point in the income scale. Half of the people earned above the number, and half earned below that number.

Democrats continue to pretend they are the party for “the little guy.” But people are seeing through the lies.