Populist Resistance to Obamacare Angers Lefties

You would think that Leftists have a reputation for meekly submitting to election results and waiting their turn in the next campaign season. They certainly act like such behavior is required of us. But it is not! With the radical Obama in the White House, it never stops being campaign season, not only for him, but for his opposition. And by opposition, I do not mean the Republican Party, I mean every producer in the country.

This opposition is growing. An angry tirade was just released to us by the “official ‘token Lefty’” at Forbes.com, one Rick Ungar, under the title, “The Corporate Blackmailing of America Is Now All the Rage.” I hope Ungar is not exaggerating the extent of the “problem,” because it is a beautiful thing. People are using every legal means at their disposal to resist and evade the damage inflicted by the Obama Administration. Rather than acquiescing or whining, they are taking action. Quite frankly, it is a revival of the “Tea Party” in a much more literal way. Businessmen who are being economically damaged by the government are taking direct action that opposed the government’s wishes. The only difference is that the Boston Tea Party involved breaking the law. These new resistors are not violating any law.

Ungar writes,

“For the past week, I have watched with amazement as one restaurant chain after another—the very people who peddle the high caloric foods laden with the fat and sugar that have contribute so mightily to the nation’s health problems and the resulting costs—announced their plans to cut back on employee work hours.”

They haven’t just announced it. They are doing it. When businesses suddenly find themselves facing additional expenses, they try to stop the hemorrhaging any way they can. Otherwise, they go out of business. This was entirely foreseeable. Whoever designed Obamacare either was too careless to notice the damage that would result, or else they just really didn’t care. Of course, in a world where people are judged as evil for selling other people the food they want to eat and are willing to pay for, almost any free action can be condemned.

But what is really angering Ungar is that John Schnatter of Papa John’s Pizza is adding a fourteen-cent surcharge to his pizzas to compensate for Obamacare. Ungar argues on the basis of his fellow Forbes number cruncher, that the surcharge should only be four cents. But why trust him? Ungar has to sell pizzas in a competitive world. Why would he think he could get away with selling more expensive Pizza? Maybe the real truth is that no one knows how much Obamacare is really going to cost or how badly the economy is about to contract under its influence. So Schnatter may be hedging. The bottom line is that consumers will go elsewhere to buy pizza if he charges too much.

But then he lowers the boom:

“By avoiding the health care reform law through paying less to his employees as a result of cutting back their hours, Schnatter is only increasing the costs that you and I pick up when his employees—having no health insurance—show up at the emergency room for basic care because they have nowhere else to go.”

Schnatter as a taxpayer is just as much hurt as any other taxpayer by the way Obamacare has boxed us in. But let’s forget that and other problems so we can identify Ungar’s core moral claim: It is wrong for Schnatter to make us pay for other people’s insurance but it is right for us to force Schnatter to pay for their insurance. That’s not moral at all. That’s pure bullying and enslavement.

Ungar’s arguments are illusionary. He just wants to force some people to pay for other people’s stuff. When they don’t cooperate with his wishes, he browbeats them with whatever words he can think of. But there is nothing behind them except a will to power.

“Corporate Blackmail” is really the new lie for Nancy Pelosi’s fib about “Astroturf.” This is a true grass roots resistance. And every conservative should think about and implement every legal means to resist and frustrate the oppressor class in Washington DC.

If nothing else, we will get to see these wonderful tantrums from “lefties.”