Only In Portland: Ice Cream Parlor Names Flavor for Planned Parenthood

We live in a time when the populace is obviously getting sick of legalized baby-killing, as is reflected by what is happening in many states to restrict it (not nearly enough, but it’s better than nothing). Even pro-abortion liberals are finding themselves targeted by Planned Parenthood merely for trying to prevent the deaths of women at the hands of abortionists (ignoring, of course, that many girl babies are slaughtered).

But, of course, Portland, Oregon, is way too hard-hearted to soften on the issue. Their pure and extreme liberalism is so well known, that it has become legendary.

Thus, an ice cream parlor, believe it or not, had a fundraiser, and even named an ice cream flavor, for Planned Parenthood. The Daily Caller reports:

The parlor, What’s the Scoop, donated 10% of all sales during a three-hour window to Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon, Planned Parenthood’s political arm, and featured the “exclusive, limited-edition ROSE CITY REVOLUTION flavor,” according to PPAO’s Facebook page. Rose City is one of Portland, Oregon’s nicknames.

What’s the Scoop often fundraises for outside groups. Its website explains that “we fully believe doing ‘good’ will help us do well.  We call this idea the ‘Virtuous Scoop.’ … Our customers and our vendors are our partners in this venture, creating a wonderful circle which makes the world a better place…one scoop at a time.”

“Rose City”? If I wanted to name an abortion-inspired ice cream flavor, I would think something with the words “scoop” and “brains” in it would be more appropriate. What a bizarre concept. “Ice cream and abortion they go together like…” How do you end that sentence? “Like soft drinks and homicide”?

The Daily Caller points out, citing the Guttmacher Institute, that sixteen percent of children conceived in Portland are brought to a bloody end via abortion. That is the equivalent of more than a year of stillbirths for every six years of pregnancies that bring about live babies. More than one baby dies out of seven.

What a city of death!