Postal Worker Caught on Video Dumping Mail on Ground

The fact that one postal worker was caught mistreating customers and their mail isn’t that big a deal. Yes, I would love to know how many employees FedEx or UPS have to deal with for the same kind of behavior, but I’m not sure how much that would prove. Employers in the private sector as well as the public sector have to deal with strangely-behaved workers. I guess if there proved to be a huge discrepancy, we could have a discussion about the kind of people who are prone to seek public employment, but that’s speculative at this point.

Post Office

But what I find fascinating is that this woman had repeatedly complained and the Post Office had done nothing about her complaints. How often do you get that kind of non-response from FedEx or UPS? It may happen, but I really doubt it is that common. If the woman hadn’t video-recorded the behavior, it would still be going on.

Via Fox 4:

A Northland woman says she was sick of trying to explain to people what she went through every day with her mailman, so she decided to record it.

We’ve seen the videos, people who are supposed to be making special deliveries tossing precious cargo, or even urinating on the driveway. Susan Howard Perry said she saw something similar all the time from her window – with her mailman. Knowing she had an expensive book on its way, she decided to record the drop off.


Narrating from her window, Susan saw her mailman throwing that expensive book onto the ground. And she felt relief that she finally had proof.


Susan says for years she’s dealt with issues, certified mail not delivered, even when she was home to sign for it, or packages on the ground by the street and destroyed letters.

“He would put the mail in, and then shove the package in, which would just tear up all the mail,” she said. “That’s all I did was spend my time filing complaints, and nothing got resolved.”

Now that Susan has posted video, suddenly the Post Office wants to fix all her problems. They sent her an apologetic letter and she even got some personal attention.

But if she hadn’t posted that video, nothing would have happened. Is this the way customer complaints are typically handled in the private sector?

This is why it is so interesting that some states have tried to punish people for video-recording the police. There seems to be a lesson we might draw from the post office and apply to law enforcement.