Pregnant Teen Sues Parents to Prevent Abortion

What do you do if your sixteen year old daughter told you she was pregnant?

Would you love her and support her, even though you’re disappointed in her or would you demand that she have an abortion?

That’s the situation in a Texas family.  The sixteen year old daughter, identified only as R.E.K., wants to keep her baby.  However, her parents are demanding that she have an abortion.

According to a Fox News report, the teenager, who is 9 weeks pregnant, had been living with her boyfriend’s parents for the past seven months, indicating that her relationship with her parents was strained prior to the pregnancy.  Her parents met the boyfriend’s parents at a bar to discuss that they were going to do.  During the discussion, the girl’s mother suggested that she slip her daughter an abortion pill without her knowing.

Her parents took her cell phone and car away and have been continually harassing her verbally.

R.E.K. has turned to the Texas Center for Defense for Life for legal help.  Her attorney, Stephen Casey has filed a lawsuit against the girl’s parents because of the way they have been harassing her and to prevent them from forcing her to have an abortion that she doesn’t want.

“(The father) stated he was going to take her to have an abortion and that the decision was his, end of story.”

Casey told the local news:

“…She is legally protected. They cannot drag her to get an abortion, force an abortion on our client.”

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I don’t condone what she did, but I have to support her decision to give birth and not abort the baby.  However, isn’t it ironic that in a country that prides itself on the being pro-choice, that a pregnant teen is being deprived of choosing to give birth to her baby?