Preschool Teacher Caught Drugging 1-2 Year Olds

It seems that every month or so on the news I hear of another teacher, generally high school that is caught having sexual relations with students. The teachers have been both male and female. Then there are other teachers that are caught using their computers to either view pornography or distribute it. Just a few days ago there was a report of a third grade teacher who had taken sexually explicit photographs of some of her female students and shared them online with a boyfriend.

Occasionally we hear the teacher that’s involved with the distribution of marijuana or other drugs. Most of these incidences involve middle and high school teachers. It seems now we have to add the rank of preschool teacher to those involved with drugs and their students.

Deborah Gratz is a 59-year-old preschool teacher at a Kiddie Academy in Morgan Hill, California. Gratz had worked at the kiddie Academy for five years. She was observed placing an unknown substance into the drinking cups to be used by the kids in her class, ages one and two. The witness reported the incident and authorities were called in, where they found the over-the-counter sleeping aid Sominex in the kids drinking cups.

Gratz was arrested and charged with felony counts of child endangerment. Police searched her home and found additional evidence to use against her in this case.

I only report this because there seems to be a growing trend among teachers who do not have the best intentions for our kids. With many parents working today, a number of kids spend more time with her teachers and they do with mom and dad. These teachers will often have the greatest influence on our children. These teachers are found to be abusing and taking advantage of our children.  It’s not only putting our children in harm’s way but it’s teaching them the wrong message for life.

If you can’t afford to homeschool or put your kids in a private school, then you owe it to them, and to yourself, to make sure that their teachers aren’t taking advantage of them and aren’t teaching them the ugly side of life. If you don’t take time to find out, you are as guilty as the teacher that is robbing your child’s innocence.