President Obama is America’s First Stepford President

Leftists and foreign policy simply don’t mix. It’s not just this administration. Look at Carter or even that Democrat icon, the aspirin factory bomber, Bill Clinton.

This administration, however, is proving itself to be the worst in American history. In just a few short years Obama has taken a relatively well-respected nation and turned it into a laughingstock.

Some might say that under George W. Bush foreign countries didn’t “like” the United States because of his Reagan-like “cowboy style.” To that I say, “Who cares?” In foreign policy, as in business, it is always better to be respected than liked.

Obama is said to be a great leader, so I decided to put this community agitator to the test — a leadership test, and not just on foreign policy but overall leadership ability.

The great leader must be a true believer, whether it is a product, a service, or a vision. He must believe in that vision.

Well, I’d say domestically Obama passes with flying colors. It may be a vision of a Marxist America, but it is a vision he truly believes in.

Foreign policy — not so much. On the other hand, judging by whom he has been consistently supporting, maybe he is a true believer, if you catch my drift.

A great leader is also a great decision-maker. They seek counsel from others, but in the end, the course of action is there’s to make. If challenged, the great leader has a reasoned argument why he or she is right. It is very rarely “because I said so.”

Obama is truly a failure at this. His strategy of leading from behind lends only to confusion. The Syrian “red line” debacle is a perfect example. It was in fact Obama that drew that red line last year on the campaign trail. A true leader would man up and say he said it and meant it. A great leader would not try to weasel out of it by deflecting to, “I didn’t set the red line. The world set it.” That’s just pitiful and weak.

Successful leaders are great communicators. Again, Obama grades quite low. But isn’t he known as a master orator? Yes, many think that, but any low-rent actor can read an impassioned speech off of a Teleprompter. Just listen to the man speak extemporaneously. It’s pathetic. I believe it’s because, when off prompter, he may slip up and reveal his true thoughts and beliefs.

A great leader ultimately takes accountability for those under him or her. Have you ever heard or seen Obama stand up for his people? Many of them have been in some real hot water lately — called in before congressional committee after committee. Instead of standing up for them, he throws his press secretaries out to lie on his behalf. This is the act of a coward, not a leader.

A great leader remains humble, deflects adoration away from himself and is happy to credit subordinates. He surely does not have this leadership quality. Everything is “I did this or I did that.” The man doesn’t have a humble bone in his body.

Finally, a true leader leads by example. Do as I do, as it were. Barry, like virtually all leftists, is the polar opposite. He is the epitome of “Do as I say, not as I do.” I’m sure he’s thinking of all those less fortunate citizens in our country as he rides his bike on Martha’s Vineyard or tees off for the thousandth time.

Think of any great leadership trait and compare it to the leadership qualities of Obama. You too will see he fails at every turn. He is a manufactured president, the Stepford president, not a great leader.