Is President Obama Happy that Senate Democrats Lost?

Barack Obama acts empowered now that he no longer has to placate Senate Democrats.

obama dictator

It seems like an absurd notion, but ever since I read it, I have not been able to see anything wrong with the proposal. Daniel Greenfield at FrontPageMag makes the claim: “Obama Takes on His Own Party.”

Party loyalty never existed for the career leftists running the White House. Obama never had any allegiance to the Democratic Party. The donkey was just a convenient ride to the top until it dropped dead in 2014.

To the extent that Obama has any allegiances, it’s to his fellow leftist progressives in Congress. The (D) itself means less than nothing to him. Now that he has no Senate majority to protect, Obama feels liberated from having to even pretend to be interested in compromise and moderation.

Obama no longer needs to bother with the Democrats. He has become a one-man party.

His triumphant State of the Union address completely ignored his loss of support. It was a dictator’s celebration of his own unilateral rule. He is finally free, in the words of his aides, to be the president he always wanted to be. And his ideal presidency has a distinct banana republic flavor.

Second term lame ducks usually think about their legacy and try to iron out a positive departure. Instead Obama is burning all his bridges. He’s using and abusing all the power he has and all the power he can grab while he still has the chance.

The presidency hasn’t aged Obama the way it did Reagan, Clinton and Bush. Obama has remained untouched by any sense of responsibility or regret. The White House is his because he is just that awesome. The lies can go on forever because that is how life has always worked for him. Bill Clinton had little self-doubt, but Obama’s complete lack of self-doubt makes Bill seem downright neurotic.

This seems almost impossible, but it’s not. What is impossible to believe is that Obama ever expected the Democrats to keep the Senate. It was too obvious. He comforted them and gave them meaningless assurances but he knew they were doomed. So there is no reason to believe that this stage of his presidency was unplanned for. President Obama knew he would be the One man on the Leftist side of the equation and he is planning to move his agenda forward without need of or care for the Senate Democrats.

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If he didn’t care about them enough to try to keep a Senate majority, why should he care about them now?

With the power of the veto, it is hard to know how any significant legislation can actually become law.

Remember back when people thought that Obama was so radical that he was willing to be a one-term president? Is it so unbelievable that he would be willing to pursue an agenda that would destroy the Democrat Senate? I don’t think so.