The President’s Speech and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

The President should have given a eulogy for the entrepreneurial spirit the government is driving out of this country.

Here are numbers you definitely did not hear mentioned during Barack Obama’s “State of the Nation” blathering.

gallup business closings

Allow me to make some predictions, writing this before the speech occurs. If you listen to the President tonight (or rather, if you listened last night) you can decide how accurate I am.

He will extol his personal wisdom—so much beyond that of mere mortals like you and I—and he’ll outline a grand plan to take more of our money to hand to his cronies to do what we apparently would never do for ourselves.

What you won’t hear is how Washington’s ever-increasing meddling and plunder of the nation is literally killing the entrepreneurial spirit and will of America. He won’t say that for the first time since we began tracking the number, more businesses are dying in the land than are being created. 2014 saw 400,000 businesses started, and 470,000 where the door was shut and locked, permanently.

It’s not that more businesses than usual are failing; the key component in this deadly statistical crossover is that American entrepreneurs are less and less willing to even begin something. Why should people risk their own hard-earned money to start a business when some overpaid bureaucratic Bozo with a grand title can come along and change the rules, making it impossible to continue operating?

More taxes, more regulation, meddling in everything from rainwater runoff to health care… both parties are guilty of bludgeoning yet another of the key things that made this nation great and prosperous.

“When small and medium-sized businesses are dying faster than they’re being born, so is free enterprise. And when free enterprise dies, America dies with it,” warns Gallup CEO Jim Clifton.

Tonight we’re reportedly going to hear about another nail in the coffin as the President makes the case that the government should have a right to steal an even greater portion from a person’s lifetime earnings after he dies. This will appeal to the debauched millions who crave living off of other people’s sweat, but it also means the heirs of small business owners are more likely to have to sell off, or close down a business—putting people out of work—just to pay the insane and immoral taxes Uncle Sam believes he has a right to take.

“I don’t believe for a second that America’s free-enterprise system is permanently broken,” said investment professional Tony Sagami. “The pendulum will eventually swing the other way, but our economy will not enjoy boom times until the birth/death trends are reversed.”

Unfortunately the trends are not likely to reverse until both Republicans and Democrats stop serving their masters at the Federal Reserve and on Wall Street, and start to once again represent We The People.

Until then, R.I.P. American Entrepreneurial Spirit.