More Pretend Law Enforcement from Congress over Criminal IRS Behavior

If Republicans were serious about criminal IRS behavior they would have already sent a SWAT team to Lerner’s home, and seized all of her personal computers (as has been done with so many innocent, average citizens by the IRS in the past few years).

From the Committees on Ways and Means: “Camp Sends More Evidence of Criminal Wrongdoing to DOJ.”

Today, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) sent additional evidence to the Department of Justice (DOJ) regarding the April 9, 2014 criminal referral letter which laid out evidence of possible criminal wrongdoing by former IRS employee Lois Lerner uncovered through the Committee’s investigation.

In releasing the letter, Camp stated, “Despite the serious investigation and evidence this Committee has undertaken into the IRS’s targeting of individuals for their beliefs, there is no indication that DOJ is taking this matter seriously.  In light of this new information, I hope DOJ will aggressively pursue this case and finally appoint a special counsel, so the full truth can be revealed and justice is served.”

In the letter to DOJ, Chairman Camp revealed:

Lerner had a bias against conservatives:

A newly discovered email exchange from Ms. Lerner’s official IRS email account, dated November 9, 2012, directly demonstrates Ms. Lerner’s deep animus towards conservatives, which she refers to as “—holes.”   Lerner further illustrates her disgust with conservatives, even suggesting they will ruin the country.  In her email, Lerner states: “So we don’t need to worry about alien teRrorists. (sic) It’s our own crazies that will take us down.”  This email shows that Ms. Lerner’s mistreatment of conservative groups was driven by her personal hostility toward conservatives.

I think the conclusion of Representative Dave Camp’s letter to Attorney General Eric Holder is laughable, when he writes: “While the Committee has not seen any evidence of a serious investigation by your Department, it is my sincere hope that in light of this new, strong evidence that you immediately begin aggressively investigating this matter or appoint a special counsel. The failure to do so will only further erode public trust in not only the IRS, but the Department as well.”

Sir, Eric Holder is a criminal whose only mission is to protect this Administration from justice. Why you would even suggest the Justice Department take over the investigation at this point demonstrates cluelessness and culpability on your part. If Holder initiated an investigation now, it would only be to delay a real inquiry, and to destroy even more evidence in the same manner as the IRS destroyed hard drives.

As for “public trust” in the IRS and Justice Department being eroded, surely you jest. There is none remaining to be diminished, and Congress is fast reaching the same level. Many had hopes that you and your cohorts remained a tad above zero, but letters like this provide evidence that such dwindling trust was foolish and false.