The Pretense That the U.S. Respects Law Is Being (Further) Shredded By The Reaction To Putin

Of course, after an illegal bombing and the sponsorship of terrorists to topple Gaddafi’s regime and kill Gaddafi himself, after murdering American citizens with drones (and claiming that murdering a son was OK because he had a bad father), after sponsoring Islamic killers to torture, rape, and behead Christians in Syria, you would think that our reputation for “the rule of law” would already be an open joke among the nations.

But so far we still trudge on pretending it is true. Speaking of jokes, have you heard the one in which the Obama Administration accuses Putin of violating a nation’s sovereignty?

So now we find out that Putin actually remembers how our government has dealt with nations in the past and expects us to be consistent.

From CNS News:

Russian President Vladimir Putin told President Obama in a phone call Sunday that Crimea’s referendum was in line with international law, and tellingly cited Kosovo’s 2008 unilateral declaration of independence – which Moscow bitterly opposed.

According to a Kremlin read-out of the conversation, which it said was initiated by the White House, Putin stressed that the vote in Crimea “fully conformed to the norms of international law and the U.N. Charter and took account of the precedent set by Kosovo, among other things.”

Right. Remember the nation of Serbia? Kosovo declared themselves independent of it. According to Wikipedia, this takes us back to the first Bush:

United States former president George W. Bush welcomed the declaration of independence as well as its proclamation of friendship with Serbia, stating: “We have strongly supported the Ahtisaari plan [implying Kosovo’s independence …]. We are heartened by the fact that the Kosovo government has clearly proclaimed its willingness and its desire to support Serbian rights in Kosovo. We also believe it’s in Serbia’s interests to be aligned with Europe and the Serbian people can know that they have a friend in America.”

Russia reacted with condemnation, stating they “expect the UN mission and NATO-led forces in Kosovo to take immediate action to carry out their mandate […] including the annulling of the decisions of Pristina’s self-governing organs and the taking of tough administrative measures against them.”

The “NATO-led forces” didn’t agree.

What blows my mind about the United States government is that they never seem capable of understanding that anyone could possibly doubt our legal and moral claims, even though they are transparently self-serving. Yes, after spitting in the face of Russia and allowing Kosovo to secede, we did indeed claim that somehow Kosovo would never set a precedent because the only reasons allowing the secession to be deemed legal were “a set of facts unique to Kosovo.”

How convenient.