“Private” Sector? Not Really; Barack Obama Claims To Own American Businesses

I’m sorry… who gave the President this power?

From the New York Times:

President Obama this week will seek to force American businesses to pay more overtime to millions of workers, the latest move by his administration to confront corporations that have had soaring profits even as wages have stagnated.

On Thursday, the president will direct the Labor Department to revamp its regulations to require overtime pay for several million additional fast-food managers, loan officers, computer technicians and others whom many businesses currently classify as “executive or professional” employees to avoid paying them overtime, according to White House officials briefed on the announcement.

Mr. Obama’s decision to use his executive authority to change the nation’s overtime rules is likely to be seen as a challenge to Republicans in Congress, who have already blocked most of the president’s economic agenda and have said they intend to fight his proposal to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 per hour from $7.25.

Mr. Obama’s action is certain to anger the business lobby in Washington, which has long fought for maximum flexibility for companies in paying overtime.

A man who has never run a business in his life—and from his policies, almost certainly would go bankrupt within months if he tried (like so many of the so-called “green” businesses he totally wasted our money on!!)—and he’s going to tell private companies what to do?

For those who say he’s not a socialist, because the State doesn’t own the businesses, tell me this: What practical difference is there between direct-ownership, and absolute and total regulation which dictates everything a business owner can and must do?

This man’s view of his own wisdom and importance apparently knows no bounds… such narcissism and hubris, I have never seen in one person.

Congress… hello! Is anyone home? When are you finally going to rein this tyrant in? Impeach now!