Pro-Abort Protestors Bring Excrement To Fight Pro-Life Bill

Liberals like to refer to the tea party as “tea baggers.” If you don’t know what that means, put it this way, I suggest you not look it up. Obviously, the tea party has nothing to do with a vulgar, sexual prank. It has to do with exposing big government, the politicians that facilitate it (regardless of political party), and holding them accountable. But liberals have dirty minds, and that’s all they could think of.

If you want a truly filthy and nasty group of people, go to the Texas capitol, where “pro-choice” activists are protesting a state bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks. These people are so vile that Satan himself was offended that they took his name in vain.

While these pro-abort protestors were doing their job for Planned Parenthood and chanting “Hail, Satan” and having their own kids hold up disgusting signs with obscenities and vulgar sexual references, police ended up confiscating a number of props from these rioters. The Texas Tribune reported:

“When people were entering the gallery ahead of the Senate’s hearing, Department of Public Safety officials were initially prohibiting people from bringing feminine hygiene products like feminine pads and tampons into the gallery. DPS officials had been searching bags before letting people into the gallery, requiring them to throw away paper goods such as magazines, receipts, feminine pads and tampons. One DPS officer said authorities had been instructed by the Senate’s sergeant at arms to confiscate anything that could be thrown from the gallery at senators on the floor. She said they had already found objects such as bricks, paint and glitter in bags… DPS officials confiscated one jar they suspected had urine and 18 jars they suspected had feces while searching bags of people entering the gallery, the department confirmed in a press release Friday afternoon.”

They’ve got to come up with something like “tea bagger” to try to make us look bad. But these people actually bring bricks, urine and feces and all in the name of fighting for a woman’s “right” to murder her own unborn child. Cosmopolitan magazine even suggested women throw menstrual blood on politicians. We don’t have to come up with any label to try to make them look bad. They already look disgusting.