Pro-Abortion Activists Are Like Westboro Baptist Church Members

Pro-choicers are masterful manipulators who long ago discovered the powers of Orwellian double-speak: They can support whatever cause they want as long as they rename that cause to something that has a happy sound. Then it will be assumed automatically that any opposition to them is against that good thing. They are not pro-abortion, they tell us, but pro-choice. And how can any freedom-loving individual be against choice? Thus the pro-choicers receive superficial support from those who don’t bother to go beyond an assessment merely of the label “pro-choice.”

I have long maintained that, inasmuch as pro-choice activists generally hold liberal beliefs in other areas of politics, they are, by and large, not pro-choice.

To wit, do liberals support:

  • Our choice to eat whatever we choose with as much salt and sugar as we choose?
  • Our choice to drink whatever we choose in whatever size cup we choose?
  • Our choice to use whatever kind of light bulbs, dishwashers, and toilets we choose?
  • A fast-food restaurant’s choice to include a toy with its kid’s meals?
  • Our choice to buy whatever guns we choose?
  • Our choice not to buy whatever product they want us to? (Think health insurance.)
  • A religious institution’s choice not to violate its constitutionally protected religious beliefs?

Of course they don’t. The liberals lobby the government to butt in on all of these choices of ours because liberals don’t like that we have such choices. So, being fascists, they seek to take away these choices.

It even cannot be said that liberals are pro-choice when it comes to abortion. They are, quite simply, pro-abortion.

This is why they react to pro-life messages in much the same way a vampire reacts to a cross. (Come to think of it, that’s how liberals react to crosses as well.)

LifeNews reported on a recent story in which pro-choose-abortion activists destroyed a memorial to the 55 million pre-born babies liberals have killed with their votes since the passage of Roe v. Wade in 1973. The activists destroyed approximately 600 of the 4,000 white crosses staked in the ground at the Rachel’s Park Memorial site in Waco, TX.

The people who committed this act of vandalism are no better than members of the Westboro Baptist Church. Just as WBC protests the harmless funerals of American troops, the pro-choose-abortion activists felt the need to butt in on some harmless memorial. They apparently didn’t like the fact that the creators of the memorial made the choice to support the choice of life. They cannot stand to live in a world in which women make the choice to let their babies continue to live, so they must erase all evidence that pro-lifers exist. One way to do that is to destroy memorials created by pro-lifers.

So let’s be clear: just as those of us who are against abortion are anti-abortion, the pro-choicers (those who support abortion and oppose the decision to let babies live are) are in fact pro-abortion, plain and simple.