Pro-Abortionist’s Hypocrisy: Better Dead Than Unloved

Yesterday I received the following message from an anonymous reader of my website (all typos and lack of punctuation and capitalization are hers):

“i was an unwanted child. my mother was raped, and did not have access to a safe abortion clinic. i am 23 now. my mum is a drug addict, she never had enough money to support me. i wish she had aborted me. my life has been so awful. she might have gone somewhere if it wasn’t for me arriving too early. im just so tired of people who dont think about the child’s future. being aborted is better than being an unwanted child!”

It’s an argument we anti-abortionists hear often from those attempting to sanctify themselves in claiming that their brutal act of pure hate of others (and of unmatched love of self) is actually one of deep love for the unborn: abortion is a charitable deed, as it is better to be dead than to be unloved. Mothers considering abortions are almost always politically liberal, so it’s no surprise they would value being loved over being alive—it is an emotionally pleasing viewpoint to hold, and liberals base their actions on their emotions, not analytical thinking.

It goes without saying, I disagree vehemently with their notion that love is better than life; however, unlike pro-abortionists, I acknowledge that this is simply a matter of opinion, not universal truth. But the babies whose lives they so coldly, so violently snuff out might have grown up to disagree with them on the matter and to agree with the anti-abortionists that nothing, not even receiving love from another person, is more valuable than life itself. And if the amount and strength of love given and received in life is a liberal’s measurement of happiness, what better, more loving gift to offer the unborn than the gift of life, with all of its infinite opportunities to love and be loved in return? Women who destroy their offspring pre-birth are obviously unloving toward their baby inside of them, but that doesn’t preclude others from loving those babies.

The person who messaged me appears unaware that the things she says here are directly contradicted by the fact that she is saying them at all. She wishes, she says, that her mother had aborted her, and yet here she is, still alive, still embracing the gift of life that her mother gave her, and loving life more than whatever she thinks awaits her in death. Her “life has been so awful,” but she obviously still prefers it to death, as evidenced by the fact that she has not ended her life. Her mother gave birth to her, which allowed her the choice to do with her life whatever she wished. Her mother made the right decision; it was not her mother’s choice what to do with somebody else’s life (especially when that life’s genesis was a direct consequence of the mother’s actions). This person talks the talk of one who disagrees, but she is presently, as I type this and even as you read this, voluntarily living the life of someone with the pro-life view that it is her life and hers alone, and therefore her choice, not her mother’s 23 years ago, whether she lives or dies.