Pro-Choice Journalist Now Pro-Life After Covering Gosnell Trial

The murder trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell could have national ramifications if he is convicted of the charges against him.  However, very few of the mainstream media have bothered to cover the trial.  The courtroom seats reserved for media remain mostly vacant day after day.  They don’t want to cover the trial because it deals with abortion and paints a very gory picture at the controversial practice.

However, there have been a few reporters there covering the trial, but they are largely from local or non-mainstream media outlets.  J.D. Mullane reports for the Bucks County Courier Times.  He has been present every day of the trail and has heard all of the grisly testimony from person after person of how Gosnell murdered any baby born alive in his abortion clinic.

Many people would not be able to handle the gruesome details that witnesses have described.  The House of Horror abortion clinic was described by one person as nothing more than blood and dead fetuses.  Witnesses gave eye witness accounts of how Gosnell would take a pair of scissors, jab it into the back of the neck of a live baby and cut the spinal cord to kill the child.

Can you imagine the public outcry if the mainstream media were present at the trial and reporting all of these horrific details?  Most likely millions of Americans would be outraged and demand an end to the brutal practice.  They fear the Gosnell trial would actually cause pro-choice Americans to re-think their position like it did to one reporter that has been covering the trial.

According to Mullane, a fellow reporter that he has not named was quite pro-choice when the trial began.  After sitting in the courtroom and hearing the testimonies, Mullane says his colleague has reconsidered his position and is now pro-life.

Notice that Mullane also talked about how then Gov. of Pennsylvania Tom Ridge protected the abortion industry in the state by not having inspections of the clinics.  He believes that Ridge’s pro-abortion stance directly affected his decision to protect the abortion clinics which in turn ended up costing the lives of not only thousands of infants, but of at least one woman and possibly more.

If I were the family of the woman who died from an overdose of anesthesia at Gosnell’s hands and learned that the clinics were not being inspected as required by law because of Ridge’s decision, I would be filing a wrongful death suit not only against Gosnell but against former Gov. Tom Ridge.  If the inspections had taken place as they should have, Gosnell’s clinic would have been shut down years earlier and that woman would be alive today.  In essence, Ridge is as guilty of her murder as Gosnell is.

This just further demonstrates the degree of corruption and deception that is used by pro-abortionists to protect their murderous way of life.  These people are so bent on their bloody agenda that it seems they will stop at nothing to protect it.

At least we know that Gosnell’s clinic is closed and hopefully he is convicted for his crimes.  And I praise the Lord that one pro-choice journalist had his eyes opened to the reality of abortion and is now pro-life.  Hopefully he’ll be able to help make a difference and put an end to the slaughter of millions of innocents.