Proof that People Believe in the Second Amendment: They Want Armed Neighbors

More important than personal gun ownership, the Second Amendment is upheld because people want their neighbors to own guns.

Not everyone owns a gun. But that doesn’t mean they don’t believe in the Second Amendment.

A person who was not raised with guns is going to have reservations about bringing one into the house. If he lacks the experience and feels like he needs training, that will make him hesitate. Guns are also very expensive.

So the number of private gun owners in America is not an accurate reflection of the number of people who believe in the Second Amendment as a key component of a peaceful and free society.

A recent Rasmussin Report shows us a much better measure: “Americans Prefer Living in Neighborhoods with Guns.”

American Voters overwhelming prefer living in a neighborhood where they have the option of owning a gun than to live where nobody is allowed to be armed.

 A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 22% of Likely U.S. Voters would feel safer living in a neighborhood where nobody was allowed to own a gun over one where they could have a gun for their own protection. Sixty-eight percent (68%) would feel safer in a neighborhood where guns are allowed, while 10% are not sure.

This is an amazing change in how people feel about the presence of guns.

Unfortunately, the rest of the Rasmussin story is only for subscribers, but the Independent Journalism Review which linked to the Rasmussin story also posted the past results of some Gallup Polls:

gun in the house gallup

Look at the shift since 2000! This, along with the news about African Americans growing to love the Second Amendment, represents an important victory for conservatives.

You will notice that these Gallup polls all asked the question in an abstract way. Do you think “the home” is safer with a gun? It doesn’t ask a person if his or her home would be safer with their current level of training and experience. So it is very similar to the Rasmussen poll. People believe that, on average, a society with more gun ownership is a safer society.

There is a great deal of bad news in our culture and politics, but this is an area where Liberals are being repudiated.