Propaganda Field Trip Enslaves Students

I really hate public-school teachers. Oh, sure, some of them are good (I think it’s required by law to say that immediately following anything negative one says about people in the business of government education). But I have zero respect for the majority of them.

Take the bozos at Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy (not an actual college, but a middle school) who had the brilliant idea to send the 7th- and 8th-graders on a 4-day field trip to a place called Nature’s Classroom, where they were treated like and made to act like slaves. It was “educational.”

Now, you hear “Connecticut” and you think of white people, but this school is actually 66 percent black, or, as the school’s website states, “66% students of color; 33% non-minority.” Hold on, there are fewer “non-minorities” than “color[ed]” students? In other words, a minority of “non-minorities”? Does this school not know what “minority” means? It is literally impossible, by definition, for there to be anything less than 50 percent of “non-minorities.” But I digress.

The purpose of the field trip was for the students to get a better understanding of slave conditions in antebellum America, or, how a realist might put it, for blacks to hate whites even more than they already do, and for whites to get payback for what they themselves never did in the first place. To achieve this, the counselors at Nature’s Classroom told the students they were private property, made them pretend to be on a slave ship and in the cotton-pickin’ fields, and called them that most “powerful” and “degrading” of words (you know the one).

Sandra James Baker, one righteously indignant black woman and the mother of one of the field-trippers, told Hartford’s local news station, “The fact that they used the ‘N-word,’ I  mean, I how dare you do that, say that, to my child and call it a [sic] educational experience? How dare you say that to any childs [sic]?”

Judging by her appalling grammar, she doesn’t exactly seem to be an authority on educational experiences, but of course she’s right. Nothing good is achieved for either the black kids or the white kids in putting them through such verbal abuse, even if it was all just an act. But I highly doubt this mother is equally upset with black celebrities and black magazines and black TV and black music telling her black kid essentially the same thing: that he’s worthless in America, that he can’t achieve anything, and that the only way he can get ahead in life is if his white master, called Government, helps him.

If there had been no “color[ed]” students, only whites, everything would have been just fine and we wouldn’t have to be bothered with all this hullabaloo in the first place. “It’s a town of people of color…,” Baker continued, referring to Hartford, in which blacks are a plurality. “You could not see that something was wrong with this?”

Seriously, who cares about whitey?