Protestors Object To Militarization Of Police

While I’ve been disappointed with small-town acquiescence, Intellihub reports a promising sign in a larger metro center, Oakland, California:

This week there is a large scale police militarization drill being held in Oakland, with police and first responders from all over the country participating.  This program has over 50 separate training scenarios that will take place in and around the Oakland area.

Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. J.D. Nelson told CBS News that police militarization is just a part of life.

Nelson said the militarization of police “has happened since the beginning of time,” noting that technology developed in the Civil War and World War II was used by police officers after those conflicts.  Since apparently “the beginning of time” started about a hundred years ago, during the time of the civil war.

More than 100 agencies and 5,000 people are participating in the event, Nelson said.

This event has taken place many times in the same area, so local protesters were ready this week when police and first responders began arriving. 

Many of the protesters explained to the media that they were protesting this event because of the rising militarized police state, and the increasing number of armored vehicles being bought by police departments around the country.  Other protesters talked about the large sums of money that the government spends on this event, specifically through The Department of Homeland Security.

That last part is really important. If some local city wants a special militarized unit, and pays for it and isn’t voted out of office for it, then that is fine. But our present situation is brought about by the Feds, obliterating the reality of local government. I know one county where the residents, understandably want to keep their taxes low. However, the principle of no representation without taxation hurts them. The police apply for federal grants to get their funding. Those grants come with requirements so that my friends who live in the county are harassed by road checkpoints that harass drivers and cost local gas stations that night’s revenue.

That story gets much worse with DHS, a department so corrupt that, like the Pentagon, it can’t be audited. By throwing around money borrowed on the promise of over-taxing our children, Homeland Security to some extent nationalizes the local police.