PSA for Children to Steal Firearms, Bring Them to School

You are a coward if you don’t want to encourage children to steal firearms?

Here is the tweet. I can’t believe the video.

Many of the reply comments are excellent. This video shows a young boy

  1. Going behind his mother’s back and searching her room.
  2. Taking a handgun out of its hiding place and putting it in his school bag.
  3. Not checking to see if it was loaded or even chambered.
  4. Taking that potentially loaded and chambered handgun to his school and sitting through class with it.
  5. Taking out the potentially loaded and chambered handgun and clunking it down on the teachers desk right in front of her.

The idea here, as the young boy tells his teacher, is that he doesn’t feel safe with the handgun present in his home and he wants the teacher to take it away.

That would be theft. The teacher can no more legally take the handgun than any other thief.

On the level of simple realism, what kid would be so afraid of a handgun in his home and yet feel comfortable carrying it around in his schoolbag?

And, of course, what the child does in stealing the gun is a felony. Bringing a gun to school is also a felony and would get the child expelled forever. Look at what happened when a student brought a spent casing to his school.

So what I want to know is: When are we going to see a video about a pre-schooler sneaking into the backyard, grabbing the family swimming pool, taking it to pre-school, and asking the teacher to take it away because he doesn’t feel safe with it in the home?

Do I need to point out that there are children today who would have been far safer with a gun in their home? They might not be orphans today.