Public School Is Ruled by Statist Zombies

As in any zombie apocalypse, a small group of Statist zombies churn out an army of zombies—our children.

school kids raise hands

This week I was told about a teenager who stated during a church youth group discussion that capitalism is bad, because it fosters greed, and the best system is communism (though it doesn’t seem to work in practice). Previous discussions have included profuse adoration for the “brilliant” Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, and assurances that either would make a fabulous President.

Now, I don’t for a moment believe such utter nonsense is self-produced. I’m confident it dropped from the mental bowels of public school teachers who would starve if not for a salary and benefits package plundered through taxation from their productive neighbors—people whose ideas actually have to work in the real world for their income to continue.

Our culture is doomed because we permit such unmitigated crap to be dumped onto the next generation, worse and more fetid and destructive than a cart full of horse manure on Biff Tannen in the Back to the Future movie series.

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The saddest thing is that when the ultimate collapse arrives because of this intellectual detritus, these indoctrinated souls won’t have the first clue how to turn things around—most will be proverbial “deer in the headlights,” and easy prey for whatever diabolical tyrant makes pretty promises (which he or she will never deliver).

If your child is in a public school do you review the curriculum? Do you talk with them about what they’re being force-fed (realizing that it’s been documented that some actually instruct students NOT to tell parents, because… well… they’re old-fashioned, and many simply wouldn’t understand these “new and wonderful” ideas)?

Teaching is among the most important tasks in the nation, and we’ve allowed it to be taken over by a cadre of fools. Yes, I recognize there are many good and well-meaning teachers and administrators out there—some are my Facebook friends, desperately and constantly trying to stick their fingers in dikes—but the textbooks are often slanted against the unique principles that gave birth to America, and overwhelming the minority of good ones is a horde of Statist zombies in the classrooms, eating out your students brains each and every day.

Pray for the good teachers. Keep track of what your students are learning. Seriously consider getting your children off the educational firing-line, and teach them at home, or find a tutorial or private school that won’t contradict everything you’ve sought to pass along.