Put Up Sail! Obamacare Is Shifting The Wind

Gallup reports that now over half of Americans want to repeal or scale back the Affordable Care Act.

After two months of glitches with the new federal healthcare website and attempts to fix it, the percentage of Americans who prefer that Congress scale back or entirely repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or “Obamacare,” has changed little. Fifty-two percent favor scaling back (20%) or repealing (32%) the law, similar to the 50% from mid-October.

Perhaps that doesn’t seem like much. But you have to think about the context. The media has been pumping out propaganda for the Obamacare law and doing all they can to say that the problems are only with the website and that those problems are now fixed. After November 30, the President has been stepping up the propaganda to convince the American people that the Healthcare law is vastly better than what was happening before.

He hasn’t been able to move the needle!

Not all will be smooth sailing. While a majority are learning from this debacle that they don’t want the government running their health care, for a dedicated statist minority, all the problems and failures simply drive them to demand more new laws and more government intervention in the economy.

Nearly four years after “Obamacare” was passed, Republicans and Democrats are still deeply divided about whether Congress should modify it. Republicans are more likely to say they want to repeal the healthcare law today (68%) than they were in October (57%). In contrast, Democrats are more likely to want Congress to expand the law (34%) than they were in October (22%).

While 90% of Republicans want Congress to repeal or scale back the law, 65% of Democrats would like to expand the law or keep it as is. Independents almost exactly mirror the national averages, with 50% in favor of repealing or scaling the law back, and 37% saying they would like to expand it or keep it as is.

What this means that we both have an historic opportunity to expose and destroy liberalism if we can project a message of freedom and reduced government to the American people. But we also have an historic threat. Every time statism fails, the hyper-statist minority doubles down on their fantasy that the state just needs to exercise more power to fix society. So, no matter how bad it gets, they are always at the cutting edge of making it much worse. If they gain power, we are America is going to be damaged further.

This is just to remind everyone to think of all the ways they can help get the message out and then to act in any way they can.