“Put Your Fourteen-Year-Old into the Care of Pedophiles?” Now a Relevant Question for U.S. Citizens

L.A. school district is arguing in court for the same position that pedophiles hold.

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The second largest public school district in the nation just argued in court that a 14-year-old girl is old enough to give consent for a sexual relationship with her math teacher. 14 years old. That’s a sum I simply cannot calculate.

From the L.A. Times:

L.A. Unified officials are coming under fire for allowing their attorneys to argue that a 14-year-old student was mature enough to consent to sex with her middle school math teacher.

The arguments were made in a civil case that was filed last year by the student, who was seeking financial compensation from the district. She said she suffered emotional trauma from a five-month sexual relationship nearly four years ago with her teacher at Edison Middle School in Los Angeles.

But the actions in the case, first reported by KPCC, were blasted by legal experts.

The belief that middle school children can consent to sexual activity is something one would expect to hear from pedophile advocates, not the second-largest school district in the U.S.,” said [attorney] John Manly…

I agree with Mr. Manly.

David M. Ring, an attorney who has specialized in sex abuse cases for 25 years, said he had never heard of anyone presenting the sexual history of a minor in court and called the action despicable. He also said that middle school students are incapable of consenting to sex with adults, especially with teachers and others who can exploit their positions of authority to manipulate them into such acts.

(The following is hyperbole… buckle up)

It’s reaching the point where I think the only truly ‘manly’ thing to do, is to take every official in that district, and line them up against the wall before a firing squad. The next group should be any derelict parents who leave their children in the hands of such soulless beasts.

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Homeschooling, people. Think about it. Think deeply about it. What is more important than your children?